How much does BMW oil change cost?

It will depend whether you are doing it from an independent shop, dealer, or yourself. Oil changes from a dealer are the easiest and you should expect to pay something in the $85 range. This is the price for a typical in-line six cylinder BMW. For four cylinder engines you can pay anywhere from $49. An independent shop will charge you anywhere from $85 for your BMW X3 2007 model. This includes 7 quarts of oil. You can also change the oil yourself if you have the oil wrench and this can set you back to $89.26. This package includes 7 quarts of BMW synthetic oil, oil filter, and new drain plug.

How long you should do the oil change will largely depend on the BMW model that you own. For the BMW M it is recommended to do an oil change after 1,200 miles while for standard BMWs you can do it after every 10,000 miles or 12 months. Note that you do not need an oil change with the BMW i3 as it is an electric car.

Oil changes at the dealership tend to be the easiest as you only need to book an appointment with them then leave your car being fixed. You can wait as the oil is being changed or you can get another BMW car on loan for your travels as yours is being serviced. The dealerships also have special discounts so you may want to have a look at them. The other benefit with dealership repairs is you may get some extras like having your car washed after servicing which is quite nice.

You will also get the same kind of service in the independent shops like in the dealers. The best part about these shops is that they use BMW approved parts for servicing. During oil change they may inspect some of the cars other parts.

Changing the oil for yourself is not that hard. The only tool that is a problem is the oil filter cap wrench which you can purchase for $20.

In some areas the costs for changing oil can be quite high. For example, there are dealerships that will charge you anywhere between $135 to $175, this price will include labor costs of between $45 to $65 and parts of between $90 to $110. This is for a BMW 328i.

A Quick glance at the BMW website reveals that they charge $89.95 for an oil change of their 3 series 4 cylinder models. The price is inclusive of premium synthetic oil, parts and labor.

Here are signs that your BMW needs an oil change

Excess Vehicle Exhaust

Most of the modern BMW cars do not emit smoke from their tail pipes. When you notice that your is leaving a trail of smoke as you drive then your oil has become too oil to be efficient or you could be suffering from more serious problems like cracked gaskets.

Falling oil levels

This will show up on your dashboard in the form of a check oil sign. At times the low oil level sign will be accompanied with a check engine light which could be a signal of more serious engine problems. You can confirm that you are running low on oil by stopping your car and checking engine oil levels through the oil dipstick.

Engine Noise and knocking

Engine oil plays a key role in lubricating your moving engine components. Since it acts as a protective layer, it will prevent metals from brushing against each other. A well lubricated engine is normally silent. However, if you notice some engine noises especially when you accelerate then you could be running low on engine oil. You should add oil immediately this happens to prevent further engine problems.

Whenever there is a higher than usual rate of friction in your engine you will notice that the car shakes even when at idle. This is a sign that your oil levels are low and there is need for change. During this time you should avoid as much as possible leaving your car at idle until you have the problem fixed.

Dark and dirty oil

Normal engine oil is amber in color. However, as your engine oil circulates through the engine it collects various particles. This causes it to darken in color due to the dirt. Oil that is dirty tends to lose its lubricating properties and should be changed immediately. When you are checking for oil levels also check the consistency of it. You can do this by getting some of it and rubbing your fingers around it.

Excessive mileage

It is prudent to have an oil change after every 5,000 miles or so. Most cars have different mileages before the next oil change but it is typically anything between 3,000 miles to 10,000 miles. When you purchase a new car you will find details on when you need to do your next oil change.

Tickling sounds when you start engine

Whenever you turn on the ignition oil immediately starts circulating through the engine. If you are using new oil this process is smooth and efficient. However, as your oil becomes old it also loses its texture and this can cause it to take a lot of time and effort before it starts circulating again. During this time you may notice some tickling sounds coming from the engine that is warming up. At times this sounds are accompanied with warning lights on your dashboard.


Regular oil changes are crucial if you want your engine to continue operating optimally. They ensure you get better performance from your engine and it keeps the engine parts clean and well lubricated. For your new BMW this will boost its lifespan and prevent premature wear and tear. You will also notice that regular engine change boosts your gas mileage. It is also gentle on the environment as it reduces emissions. From our article you have noticed that the average costs for a BMW oil change is roughly $85.

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