Why does anyone need a BMW VIN decoder?

Let’s talk about the necessities of a BMW VIN decoder.

When you get in the market, with an expensive brand as the BMW, a high-performance car, you would want to focus on every little thing that your BMW has, that could include the basic information, the might be the model of your car, your insurance claims, the service roads, and accidents. If you are a BMW owner you should exactly know what you need from your BMW VIN decoder, what can be true, and what are the important factors that you should keep in mind before you make the purchase. That’s why we have found one of the most selling BMW VIN decoders for you to look at.

BMW VIN decoder


This gets our recommendation for many reasons, continue reading to find out those.

CARFAX has been in the market for some decent amount of time, obviously old enough to gain anyone’s trust, the CARFAX offers in both Canada and United States, and then also in some European countries as well. Moreover, CARFAX has over 100.000 independent sources to get you all the information you are looking for. In addition, when you have the CARFAX, you will be provided important information, which won’t be the title only, it will also include ownership and your insurance claims, etc.

So if in any case, you are looking to buy a used car, you would be confident enough to make your purchase without any doubts in mind.

Because, was originally made for this particular vision, to help people with making purchases of used cars, provides the information for both sellers and buyers.

Market Share of BMW

As we all know, BMW is famous for luxury, quality, and adventure. The markets that widely increased in the size of sales including India, China, and the United States. Where china alone had almost 20% of these market share sales, which is kind of close to the United States, Therefore, CARFAX is aware that with the increase of BMW sales, there would be more BMW’s available In used car markets, and then exportation would also be increased from the United States to Europe.

Importance of BMW VIN decoder.

In the year 2012, BMW got most of the success in that year, according to sales they had 1,540,085 auto cars being sold, and then there was an increase of 11% to the previous year as well, continuing BMW had still managed to secure their position at the top, because they made a new global record of sales which was 1,655,138, and then another increase of 7.5 in the year of 2013. Seeing all that BMW surely had success in the United States market.

Sale statistics of BMW

Most of the BMWs were sold because of accidents, numbers of the car with accidents were high as 14.141, a VIN decoder is, therefore, a must on your vehicle to ensure the trust of you and your buyer.

Why is VIN decoder important for any vehicle you have?

A VIN decoder is the best thing to identify the history of the vehicle and its model and make, so here are some plus points that would let you easily identify the vehicle before you plan on purchasing it.

Safety: if any part of the vehicle was damaged or recalled in the past, that’s where your VIN will help you, it has a huge database of all the information that ensures all the records to be safe of all damaged parts of the vehicle. Which will make sure that vehicle is safe. That’s why it could prevent further accidents or unnecessary damage to humans, and it will easily identify all the defective parts of the vehicle.

Purchasing a used car: Now if you have all the money ready and you are making a purchase, specifically from a third party, it’s equally important to check the Vehicle VIN to ensure that you aren’t buying something with damaged or defective parts. You could easily be confident when making the deal with the seller if the case seller is not being honest with you. You would already know if the car has ever got into an accident, or it was repaired or replaced some of its parts, so then you would know all the parts of the vehicle are original as from the manufacture’s or they have been replaced by any third-party vehicle parts.

Stolen: if unfortunately your car got stolen, all you would need is your vehicle VIN to report to authorities, because obviously, the stolen vehicle wouldn’t have the same license plate, which then would be your only way of identifying the ownership of your vehicle. After all, it’s complicated to change the VIN of your vehicle and it goes through a lot of processes to do so, so there is no way a thief is going to do that except changing the plate.

Stolen Car VIN Decoder

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