How to become a BMW mechanic?


If you are a huge fan of cars, then you might be interested in how to become a BMW mechanic. BMW mechanics are also called BMW technicians which are just like all other mechanics out there except they specialize and specifically work on automobiles of the BMW brand. They perform different diagnostic tests on the car to figure out what is wrong. They are also the ones responsible for repairing any faulty mechanisms that are found after the tests are done. They also maintain cars for owners that bring their cars to their places.

BMW Mechanic

Requirements on being a BMW mechanic

The first thing to know about how to become a BMW mechanic would be the requirements or the things that you need to have to become one. For the degree level, you need to at least have had postsecondary training in the degree field of automotive service technology. You must have this because it would make you far more knowledgeable about the things that you will be dealing with. You will also need to have different certifications such as automotive service excellence certificates, BMW step certification which some employers would require as well as refrigerant handling. As key skills, you will need to have enough physical strength and stamina, strong communication skills on verbal and written aspects, dexterity on technical and mechanical aspects as well as problem-solving skills. 

Steps on how to become a BMW mechanic

There are a lot of different steps that are important to take when it comes to becoming a BMW mechanic and that is why it is necessary to assess if you are ready or not to try and become one. By going through these steps, you should be able to prepare yourself and get ready if you decide that you want to be one. The average salary of a BMW mechanic is around $40,710. There is a negative 1% growth rate in the number of BMW mechanics in the US so it would be a great opportunity for you to try it out.

Complete training required

The first step that you need to do would be to earn a diploma in auto technology or an associate’s degree. This means that you need to attend a technical institute or to go to a community college. You might want to take a formal automotive service qualification even though it is not necessary because a lot of employers prefer mechanics that are formally qualified. There are a lot of different kinds of qualifications and they take around two years to complete. 

Qualifications for getting the ASE

To get the formal qualifications for the ASE or the automotive service excellence certification that might take around two years, you must prepare yourself for it. After all, this is the standard certificate that is needed by the industry so that you can become more established in your career. Thus, it would be great to take different courses to improve your skill. Some courses that you must take for it would be engine maintenance and repair, body repair and system brake, steering and suspension, manual and automatic transmissions as well as electrical and electronic systems. These programs normally include practical components and can even go as far as giving you a chance to get an internship. 

An internship is going to help you to gain experience as well as improve your employability. This is why it is important to get into these programs on how to become a BMW mechanic. Sometimes, the students will have an option to take some electives such as customer service and some basic business skills which will be a great stepping stone later on and would help them to deal with customers. After all, being a mechanic is not all cars as you will also need to interact with customers. 

On the job training

As an aspiring mechanic, it is important to have completed automotive technology qualifications because this will help spring you up for entry-level positions in service centers or auto repair garages. It would be great to have a job there so you can get some hands-on training and get better at what you do. Experience will help you out to be better at your work and it will also be important when you want to obtain a higher position in the process. As a junior mechanic that has ambitions on working on BMW automobiles, you need to gain experience working with BMW so that you can gain experience on it. This will familiarize you with the body of the car and will help you gain the skills that you will need later on. If you get hired by a big company, this will help you out so that you can put something nice on your resume. Having a good working experience will help you out so that you will be able to get a good work later on.

Getting that ASE certification

An ASE certification is not required when it comes to how to become a BMW mechanic. However, it will help you a lot to increase your job opportunities tenfold. This is a certification that is administered and offered by the NIASE or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. To get the certification, you need to pass one of the 50 types of ASE exams. The exams are normally group depending on specialties such as automobiles, heavy trucks, and the like. After passing one of the fifty exams, and showing proof that you have worked at least two years as an auto technician, then you get certified. You need to note that there will be a certification fee of $36 for the registration fee and $43 for the test fee. This certification will only last and be valid for five years so you need to get retested later on. 

Mechanics who are interested in becoming fully fledge BMW technicians would need to take the BMW STEP certification which is a program that puts a candidate through a lot of specialized technical training to prepare them to be great mechanics later on. STEP or service technician education program is one of the most advantageous things that you will ever try. It runs five programs and it includes the following: Motorrad, BMW Mstep, BMW automotive, Body and Paint, and the Apprentice program. The programs are purely technical and they usually last around eight to sixteen weeks. On the other hand, the apprenticeships would last on a six-month basis and this would normally combine specific BMW technical training as well as real-life experience with working on a BMW. This type of program is offered in a lot of different schools across the United States. It is important to note, however, that to get into the STEP, you will need to have a GPA of at least 3.0, must have completed the post-secondary automotive program, and have at least 9% attendance on that specific program. The good news is that BMW will cover the costs of specific programs but you will need to cover all of your living expenses. There are a lot of different schools that will help you on how to become a BMW mechanic you just need to find the one that suits you the best. 

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