Best BMW Aftermarket Rims

Want to make your BMW get all the attention? But, it’s really hard to find the set of aftermarket rims, the ideal rims could complete the look of your BMW and get all the eyes around on your BMW. Moreover, choosing from brightly colored, black, or chrome black, can really change the look of your BMW ride, it would also enhance the performance of your BMW on the track, you can choose a rim that ensures the best stance for short or wider tires. We have made a list to help you choose and determine the best ones for your ride.

TSW Spring

TSW Spring Rims

Coming at first, the official TSW stated that this particular rim wasn’t easy to manufacture until they have been gone through months working with the engineers to produce the rim with such intricate corners with the precise angle to portray and get this look. Moreover, the TSW was founded by a 5000 formula driver in South Africa, and the company used to make the rims for the auto manufacturers before getting in between the aftermarket lineup. This is the kind of design that will take your classic vehicle into the new modern era for your BMW ride.

Volk Racing TE37 SL

Volk Racing Rims

Volk TE37 is one of the best vehicle competition rims. Even the name 37 itself comes within the first 15-inch sizes that weigh around 3.7 kg. In today’s world the larger the size of the rim and the heavier it’s going to be, but it’s different for these five-spokes they are ideal for the racetracks. And the very latest model which has the new rim stickers and the spoke design got it trimmed with up to 400 grams which are flexible according to the actual size. The SL stands for the Super Lap that means it’s ideally made for high-performance cars like the BMW M3. They are known for their strength, they are not filled with center caps to save more weight. And also this comes with rim stickers individually so you can apply them anywhere you would like to.

HRE FF10 Flow Form Rim

HRE FF10 Flowform Rims

The HRE have been the kings of the aftermarket rims and this FF10 will tell you why the spokes are even more entangled than any factors has ever produced or offered and yet they are very thin which portrays a very lightweight look. As with the name, they are flow-formed, this rim is offered with multiple finishes which include the main ones, silver, black, and gold, but if you want to go with the brighter colors you also have the option of brown and deep blue colors. This will make it easy for you to contrast or match with any of BMW paint, that’s one of the best feature offered by the HRE except the rest.

Brixton Forged RF7

Brixton Forged RF7 Rims

These are officially based in the US by the company situated in Beverly Hills, which forge these rims. As this company is known for the ultimate high-end auto scenes this makes the world know what it’s like to be hot and stylish when it comes to giving your BMW X5 a great eyes pleasing look. The design of these rims looks like almost nothing in between your rims and the center cap, which shows off the huge brakes that BMW M has manufactured within your X5 or X6. 

Forgiato Maglia

Forgiato Maglia

It’s very uniquely designed, which are made with the jewelry inspiration in mind, with the nice lines and very thin spokes. They started by importing the rims and then coming with their own high-quality rims with transitioning. This Forgiato is officially made in the US from US sources. They are not the ideal ones if you are planning them on a racetrack, but they are the best rims to outperform on the streets and portray the best look of your vehicle. You shouldn’t be going with the three-piece look which comes with fake bolts, you should consider something real with eyes pleasing design, which also comes with multiple finishes to match with your ride.

Tips to buy rims

There are few important factors when it comes to rim sizing, noticing the inches, and measuring where your tire will sit, originally your BMW should have rims between 17-22 inches, so you can easily install a bigger rim without any trouble. These smaller rims might not work well with your brakes, so you should also consider that.

Overall you would have to keep bore size, width, bolt pattern, and offset in mind before you get into the market and make your purchase, it all depends on the ride you have, you would also need to match the design and finish of the rim, because obviously, BMW is a brand that is rare, so you must do everything in your power to portray the best image of your luxury ride.


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