Best brake pads for BMW

Brake pads are one of the most crucial parts when it comes to the safe and optimal performance of any car therefore finding the best brake pads for your BMW is the last thing you want to overlook. However, finding the best ones is a very tedious and time taking process that is both inconvenient and inefficient. So to save your precious time we are bringing this review in which we compare the best of the best. There are a lot of options to choose from with varying prices to make it easier to decide according to your budget. Cheaper brake pads are also available but they are sometimes of subpar quality and unreliable thus we focused on the ones that had pros outweighing the cons.   

Powersport Fit Ceramic brake pads and rotors

Powersport Fit Ceramic brake pads

Powersport is an excellent choice when it comes to high-quality products.

Their ceramic brake pads are very reliable regardless of how harsh the driving conditions may be. They do not rust easily due to the zinc and silver coating therefore they last for a while. These brakes have both slotted and drilled rotors which provides superior braking power delivering excellent performance. Heat dissipation technology is also provided to a decent extent making it a good choice for those who demand high performance and reliability. Powersport has maintained high industry standards making sure to provide high-quality products. These are overall high-quality breaks providing high performance and a smooth driving experience.

Powerstop Brake kits and rotors

Powerstop Brake kits

Powerstop is one of the leading brands in the industry. It provides high-performance rotors and great brake pads. The overall driving experience provided by the product is smooth and quality is also upheld.

Powerstop chose carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads over the traditional which perform considerably better than the usually used ceramic brake pads.

The rubberized shims reduce the sound quite a bit. The brake pad is zinc-coated and the rust reduction is approximately around 25 percent. These are an excellent choice to upgrade your brakes but you will have to get them installed by an expert and cannot do it yourself which can be considered a con.

Bosch BP1239 Premium Disc Brake Pad for BMW

Bosch BP1239 Premium Disc Brake Pad

The Bosch brakes provide excellent stopping power which is essential for every car’s braking system. These brakes perform very well especially when it comes to noise reduction, they operate almost completely noiseless. Bosch is well-known for producing great quality products and these brakes are no exception. The brand’s commitment to the production of high-grade performance brakes is quite extraordinary. They have used premium quality material and rubbers to make sure that the brakes don’t crumble under demanding conditions. The brakes are well protected from rust and can endure for a long time. The brand has also reduced the use of copper to comply with copper-free legislation. This product is a great choice for those looking for noiseless high-performance brakes for their car.


EBC Brake Ceramic Low Dust Brakes

EBC Brake Ceramic Low Dust Brakes

EBC has been producing versatile and great-performing products since its inception. The brake pad has excellent stopping power and great noise reduction technology. Heat dissipation is also a job well done by these brakes which ensure the long life of the brakes. The quality of the product cannot be questioned as they provide extraordinary performance and a very comfortable driving experience. All these great features, durability, versatility, and convenient installation makes these brakes a very attractive option to choose.

However, sometimes a lot of dust accumulates in the brake pad thus it can require somewhat maintenance.


Bosch BP1267 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pad for BMW

Bosch BP1267 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pad

These brake pads suit the BMW models almost perfectly and are compatible with all models including BMW 1 series, 128i, 323i, and many others. The R&D and engineering team at Bosch have designed the brakes to have superb braking power. The rubberized shims are designed to keep the noise down to a minimum. The noiseless operation of these brakes is a noteworthy feature. The heat reduction system in these brakes cools down the brake pretty effectively. The brake pads are coated with a protective layer to enhance the durability of the brakes. The quality and durability of the brakes speak for themselves and there is no doubt that Bosch produces marvelous products. They have also committed to reducing the use of copper in their products which is a great step towards a sustainable industry.

Bosch products are known to be well designed and reliable, therefore, it makes these brakes an excellent choice overall.


Powerstop k869 Evolution Ceramic Brake pads     

Powerstop k869 Evolution Ceramic Brake pads     

The Powerstop K869 is a product compatible with a variety of vehicles. The brakes feature carbon-fiber ceramic pads which provide high braking power without causing excess dust production. These brakes also feature rubberized shims to reduce operational noise. The design of the rotors enables great heat reduction, increasing the durability of the brakes. The brakes are compatible with many models of BMW cars. The brake is resilient enough to withstand the heat and last a long time. The brakes are very DIY friendly which is a notable feature. The brakes cater to a wide range of needs by providing high-grade performance and noiseless operation with wide range compatibility which makes these brakes a very good option to consider. 



In this review, we tried to compare and list the products to provide the best features for the price. The major emphasis of this review was to highlight the products providing quality, durability, and as many advantageous features as possible for the price. 

All of the brake pads have their pros and cons but you cannot go wrong with either one as every product is high quality produced by reputable brands. It all comes down to personal preferences when choosing the best for yourself because all the products perform very well for the price and will not be a bad choice no matter which one you choose.         

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