How much does it cost to replace a BMW windshield?

The average cost for a BMW windshield replacement is anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the model year, type of windshield, and make. If you own a BMW 328i the window regulator motor replacement cost is about $338 to $603. Expect to spend around $132 to $167 for labor costs and parts costing $206 to $436. For the BMW X3 recent estimates for the model 2016 is $668 while for the 2006 model is $340.

Your insurance company mostly takes care of the costs for windshield replacement and you can drive your car with the new windshield after one hour of replacement.

Things to know about windshield replacement

Your windshield can get a crack when you least expect it. With time, the worst may take place when it completely shatters. You do not need to wait until the later happens to replace your windshield, the moment you notice a crack it is time to contact your local auto dealer.

Insurance coverage

Most insurance policies will cover the cost for windshield replacement. However, you need to go over your cover to know what is covered and what is not. At times your policy may not cover other windshield peripherals like side mirrors.

The Auto glass may differ

Some of the aftermarket windshields you will find in the market may not be the same as your original windshield. The problem with getting a lower quality glass (which may be cheaper) is that it will offer poor visibility and may not have certain non-optimized properties that will make your interior become warmer.

The glass you get should either be the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Original equipment equivalent (OEE). You should ask whether the glass meets various federal safety standards.

Superior adhesives

The windshield needs some form of adhesive to put it into place. Most glass installers use high-quality adhesive urethane. Avoid inferior adhesives as they may not set as quickly and could eventually cause harm to your passengers. While performing the repair you should ask whether the auto company is protected under the liability and workers compensation insurance. Also, know whether the company warranties their work after repairs.

Here are some tips to maintain/protect your windshield

The first thing you need to know is that motor vehicle windshields are designed differently than your normal house glass windows. This is so that they do not shatter easily. You know this because there it is not always the case that your car window will shatter when it is hit by a pebble. They are made to be more durable than normal glass. But, this does not mean it is indestructible. At times your car can be considered un-roadworthy if the windshield crack is major. 

Most of the cranks on your windshield are unavoidable like when a lorry ahead of you keeps falling objects to the road or when a tree accidentally falls upon your car. Here are some tips to keep your windshield protected:

Watch the temperature

When temperatures are high your windshield glass will expand and contract. While this will not shatter your windshield immediately but over time it weakens it. It is recommended that during hot weather conditions you pack your car under a shade. Note that window shades do little to protect your windshield but they do offer some level of protection for your dashboard and prevents it from fading.

Replace your windshield wipers occasionally

You do not have to use your windshield wipers for such an extended period that it scratches your windshield. The moment you notice that the wipers are not doing an effective job of cleaning your windshield replace them. Besides, they are relatively inexpensive. Poor wipers put unnecessary pressure on certain parts of your windshield and this weakens it.

Repair windshield chirps immediately

The moment you notice a small windshield chirp take the necessary steps to repair it. Minor chirps can be repaired and prevent further damage to your windshield. Chirps are a cause for further deterioration of the windshield as they grow due to constant expanding and contracting of the glass. With time they grow outwards until the chirp makes the windshield unusable.

Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals

If you want your windshield to last longer then you need to avoid using harsh chemicals on it. These chemicals not only strip away the protective layer of your windshield but they also cause glass discoloration. If you want a suitable cleaning solution you may want to consider a combination of vinegar and water. Avoid various household based solutions that contain ammonia. Note that ammonia will dry out vinyl and plastic.

Avoid slamming doors

You can prolong your car’s windshield from premature damage by avoiding slamming doors. This is usually the case when you are angry. This is because the act of slamming your doors sends shock waves to the glass thereby weakening it.

To protect windshields from shattering various companies have come up with products that act as a film over the windshield and this protects it. Original BMW windshields are designed to withstand a lot of pressure and you should therefore aim at getting an original one to replace the broken windshield. This can be costly initially but it does pay off in the long term.


Having a cracked windshield can be a hindrance for many as you do not know when it will completely shatter and cause harm to you and passengers. While windshields are meant to be more stronger than other windows a small chirp can be disastrous if it is not addressed immediately. For many automobiles the insurance policy has a provision for windshield repairs.

When replacing your Windshield ensure you look out for original glasses or a close replacement. You should also look for a reputable auto repair shop that is has workman insurance. This protects you in case the windshield is not fixed well. The most you can do to prevent windshield breaks is to avoid slumming doors, repair chirps the moment they appear and avoiding parking the car in direct sunlight

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