How to clean BMW leather seats?


Are you wanting to learn more about how to clean BMW leather seats so that you can do it on your own? Do you want to make sure that you are the one who will be handling your car so that it would be to your best advantage? Are you planning to save money by learning how to clean it yourself so that you would not have to get a professional? Well, worry no more because you can do that. Here are some of the things that would be useful to you in this process.

BMW Leather seats

Model line up

A lot of the cars in the BMW lineup come with a leather seat since it is something that feels nice and looks very classy. However, it is also an optional upgrade in case the model you want does not come with one. You will not have any trouble trying to switch it up when you buy it as long as you tell the store what you want. It would be important to know though, that leather seats would take more care process than your normal seat. That is why you must know how to properly care for it so that it will last with you for a longer set of time. 

Vacuum seats

There are a lot of different steps that you must keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your leather seats. One of them would be to get a vacuum that you will be using for cleaning. It would be great if you can get a small handheld one since that would be easier for you to move around. It would be a great touch and it is more convenient to carry with you instead of having to find a place where you can plug a regular-sized one. What you need to do is to carefully vacuum out all of the seats that you are planning to clean. Make sure that you are going to clean all of the corners and crevices and leave no dust behind. This is an essential step on how to clean BMW leather seats. This is a good idea especially if you want to clean all the debris that is large enough to scratch your seat. By vacuuming them out, you are going to lessen the chances that they are going to ruin your beautiful seats.

Cleaning solution

Once you have gotten rid of most of the large debris and anything else that the vacuum can easily touch, the next thing that you need to get would be a cleaning solution. The pH of the cleaning solution is important and that is why you need to make sure that it is in the neutral range. This will make sure that your leather will not lose its shine or that it would not change color while you are cleaning it out. You should get a clean piece of cloth, apply the cleaning solution, and slowly but surely wipe the area that you need to clean. If you can try and clean all of the surfaces, then that would be good. If your seat happens to have some perforation already because it is pretty old, then you might want to avoid those parts so that your cleaning solution would not leak to the cushion that is under the leather. You ant to keep things as safe as possible for you and not to make more damage. However, you must also keep in mind to read through the instructions that are written on the cleaning solution to make sure that you are using it properly.

Microfiber cloth

If you are thinking about wiping your leather seats, you would want to buy yourself some microfiber cloth. It is very helpful and it would come in handy to have one. It is the type of cloth that easily dries up and can easily clean your seats with. You might also want to consider getting a soft-bristled brush so that you will be able to brush up on dirt or parts that are too dirty but can’t be cleaned with just wiping. Just make sure that you always carefully try to remove all of the dirt and not brush it with too much force. You do not want your leather seats getting scratched, after all. This is a necessary step that you will need to consider on how to clean BMW leather seats.


Besides cleaning, it is also important that you condition your seat. You will need to get a conditioner and you apply a good amount of it on your cloth and then you apply it right to your seat. This would make sure that your leather seat will be as shiny as it was when it was new. It is a step that most people who clean their leather seats always forget but it is certainly very important to make sure that you condition your seats so that they will be as shiny as if they were new.

Recheck your seats

After you have done all the previous steps, the next thing to do is to recheck all of your seats, go over it with a microfiber cloth again and see if the conditioner has settled evenly. You need to make sure this happens so that you will be able to settle with it the best that you can.

Cleaning products

Not using the correct products with your leather seats can cause you trouble in the long run as well as not make you feel satisfied with the process. For example, you need to make sure that you are using a colorless type of cloth and without any rough fiber so that you can be sure that it would not scratch your seat. This is an essential step in how to clean BMW leather seats.  When you have nothing left, you might be tempted to go for darker clothes or detergent and that is a big no-no because you need to use only the proper products to ensure that your seat will remain in pristine condition.

Tips and tricks

It would be great if you keep a small bottle of your cleaning solution somewhere inside your vehicle wherever you go so that you can be sure to clean up any mess as soon as possible so that it would not stain. In line with that, also keep a microfiber cloth handy so that you can easily wipe it out. This would help you out to manage the dirt that goes into your seat and help you out to maintain it properly. Another thing would be to store your car in a shady place or indoors as much as you can. Sunlight can damage your leather seats and very high temperatures as well. This is why as much as you can, worry about where you put or where you park your car when you are not using it. In the case where you think there was damage to your seat, do not let it get bigger and get a professional to help you to fix it as soon as possible. This is one of the things that people often forget about how to clean BMW leather seats. When you cannot do anything about it because it is out of your control, a professional can help you out.  

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