Best rims for BMW 3 Series (Reviews and Buying guide)

Getting the best rims for your BMW 3 Series can be a challenging task, but we have some options that will give you a good place to start.

BMWs are luxurious cars in general, but you can enhance their appearance more by choosing stylish rims and wheels. Knowing the rim quality is a challenging task, because different rims will be built to handle different situations and fulfill varying purposes. While there are plenty of people that prefer rims for performance reasons, aesthetics, or size, many drivers are looking for a rim that can handle the demands of daily driving without breaking the bank when keeping them looking great.

Here are some rim considerations we have outlined, and we include a buying guide as well to give you some useful pointers to keep in mind when buying them.

Best rims for BMW 3 Series – Comparison table

Best for
BBS CH-R Black Wheel with polished stainless steel rim
Best overall pick
Kansei KNP Custom 72.56mm Hub Gunmetal rim wheel
Classic BMW build
Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-206R Custom wheel
Versatile choice
Konig OVERSTEER Gloss Black Wheel
Premium choice
AVID. 1 AV-06 Custom matte bronze rim wheel
Smaller BMW models
Motegi Racing MR107 gloss black wheel
Larger BMW models

Reviews of the best rims for BMW 3 Series

BBS CH-R Black wheel with polished stainless steel rim – Best overall choice

 rims for BMW 3 Series

BBS CH-R Black Wheel with Polished Stainless steel rim and painted finish

  • Weight optimization through FEM analysis
  • Design is in a one-piece counter pressure cast wheel with a flow-formed rim

If you have some experience playing Need for Speed Underground, chances are that you remember the BBS rims – they are among the most famous aftermarket brands in the market. These particular rims are the performance series option from the company, and are in a flow-formed design.

Their design gives them an advantage in being lightweight while maintaining strength compared to cast wheels, but it makes them pricey as well. However, the price is nothing compared to the quality of service they will offer, and they come in three diameter variations to fit the needs of your car – 20, 19, and 18 inches; as well as 8 width variations. These will allow them to fit wide application scopes of different wheel sizes.


  • Lightweight design
  • Iconic brand
  • It has greater rigidity due to the roll-formed rim design


  • Expensive

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Kansei KNP Custom wheel – Best for classic BMW cars

best rims for BMW 3 Series

Kansei KNP Custom wheel, Gunmetal rim with a 72,56mm Hub, 5×120.65 Bolt Pattern, 12 Offset

  • Grey finish that allows your car to stand out, and features a one-piece alloy wheel with exposed lugs
  • Available in a 5×4.5 configuration

If you are a fan of classic appeal in your car, Kansei is a relatively new manufacturer that seeks to break into the rim market thanks to their combination of efficiency and nostalgia.

The use of a unique 5-spoke design will instantly make it classy and aggressive at the same time, which allows it to fit in with multiple car models from different years. You can get it in three width variations and diameters of 17 and 18 inches. The good news is that the company sticks closely to the original designs, helping it maintain a distinct identity from other custom wheels.


  • Good finish and fit in many cars
  • Offers a classic rim appearance without sacrificing performance


  • Limited size and color options
  • Quite expensive

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Cosmis Racing Wheels custom wheel – Best in versatility of options

Cosmis Racing XT-206R Custom wheels with 30 Offset, 73.1mm Hub, an 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern

  • Wheel purchase does not include installation kits, lug nuts, and hub rings
  • The number of lug holes depends on the wheel offset, width and diameter

This is among the popular designs from the company, and is well-known by many in the auto parts scene due to its versatility in colors and design specifications. You can get it in a range of 9 widths, 6 diameters, and 18 colors – allowing it to fit a wide range of car models and wheels.

Thanks to its use of a multi-spoke design, it will give your car a unique appeal regardless of the car model.


  • Provides plenty of design options
  • Fine-tuning and strong build quality, which is an advantage for a performance-oriented car
  • Iconic design that is famous among tuners


  • Expensive

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Konig OVERSTEER Gloss black wheel – Best premium choice

choice bmw wheel

Konig OVERSTEER Gloss Black Wheel with tpms and Painted (45mm Offset, 5x112mm/18 x 8 inches)

  • Painted finish and 1-piece cast construction
  • Uses a split 5-spoke design

These are 18-inch wheels that come in a unique 5-spoke, face-forward design. You can get them in a gloss black, painted finish, as well as opal and red colors; and their size variations range from 15 to 19 inches in diameter. The concave appearance of the rims is due to the wheel face profile, which is quite different from most rims in the market.

When using these rims, they will improve the stance of a five-lug car, regardless of whether you are driving on the track or around town. They are quite versatile as well, as you can use them in a staggered application if you enjoy the appearance of a wider-rear tire. Additionally, the package includes the center caps, and they will fit easily in multiple car models, including your BMW.


  • Boosts your car’s stance during movement
  • Fits well in a wide range of cars
  • You can stagger it


  • Does not include lug nuts and hub-centric ring
  • Relatively expensive

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1 AV-06 Custom wheel – Best for smaller BMW model

custom wheels for mall bmw

AVID. 1 AV-06 Custom wheel with matte bronze rim, 73.1mm Hub

  • Wheel purchase does not include hub rings, installation kits, or lug nuts
  • The lip depth/size and number of lug holes depends on the wheel offset, width, and diameter

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For people that want a wheel that easily stands out from the competition, the AVID AV-06 rim set is one worth your consideration. It comes in a superior finish quality, and features excellent construction as well.

The first advantage is the size variations; with its 8 sizes you can select from that range from 17×8 to 18×10.5; this proves enough for almost all car models. However, it is not the size range that is the most impressive feature – it is the color options. You can get it in gold, white, hyper, bronze, and matte black, with each color looking appealing enough to fit with the aesthetics of almost any car you use it on. The rims are comprised of high-end aluminum alloy, which will give you excellent durability and finish.


  • Wide size and color range for the best compatibility
  • Aluminum build contributes to its lightweight design
  • Durable and resilient for many years


  • Unsuitable for large cars

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Motegi Racing MR107 wheel – Best for larger BMW models

wheels for large bmw

Motegi Racing MR107 wheel with gloss black machining

  • Includes a lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty against lifting and peeling of finish
  • Available in 20-inch, 18-inch, 17-inch, and 16-inch diameters with a variety of offsets and widths

Combining distinct design elements and efficiency, the Motegi MR107 wheels are meant to attract attention. Their design is in a 5-spoke split pattern, while their inner lip has studded accent rivets to enhance their appearance.

Their build consists of aluminum, which makes them durable and easily contrasts their black layout. Thanks to their alloy build, they are quite lightweight without sacrificing rigidity. You can get them in 4 diameter options: 20, 18, 17, and 16 inches, which will increase the chances of getting the best one that fits your car model. Their addition of different widths and offsets will also make them ideal for customized projects for your car as well, although the color choices are limited.


  • Impressive durability and lightweight design due to aluminum build
  • One-year finish warranty
  • Includes a lifetime structural warranty
  • Includes different size options to fit your car


  • Only offers one shade

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Buying guide for BMW 3 Series rims

Why are rims important for your car?

Rims have more contributions to make towards the longevity of your car more than you may realize, and they are not simply for aesthetics only.

They make up the exterior circular design of the wheel, and come in various forms – so the choice you make will determine much of your car’s performance as well as appearance.

There are two important measurements you should consider when choosing a rim set, which are:

  • Center bore – This is the hole in the middle of the rim, and it should fit the axle that is attached to your car’s hub. It serves to keep the wheel in place, and it is measured in millimeters.
  • A combination of the bore circle diameter and bolt pattern – Most cars will use a four or five-lug pattern, which denotes how many holes are in the rims, which will attach to the lugs or bolts. On the other hand, the bore circle diameter is the circle diameter measurement in inches or millimeters. If your car uses a 4-lug rim, use the two opposing hole measurements, while a 5-lug rim car uses the measurements of the two holes directly opposite from each other.

What to consider when buying rims for your BMW 3 Series

When you are purchasing a new set of rims, you may want to keep looks at the forefront of your considerations, but this should not be the only factor to consider. Here are some additional features to look for when buying a set of rims for your BMW 3 Series.

The type of rims you want

There are 4 rim types you will find in many car models, including BMWs:

  • Steel rims – These are the most common type, tend to be factory-fitted, and are the cheapest form. They have the best durability rating, as they are the strongest rim type. However, their main disadvantage is their heavy weight, and they also do not have the most attractive appearance when comparing them to the other types of rims, with many car owners opting to mask their appearance by using a wheel cover on them to make them look like alloy rims.
  • Alloy rims – These are the most popular type, and are taking over from steel rim types. They are comprised of magnesium or aluminum, and in some cases; both. The addition of these lightweight metals makes them lighter compared to steel rims, which allows you to attain minimal stop motion and faster acceleration when driving. Additionally, using them results in less strain on the car’s suspension, and they carry a more attractive appearance compared to steel rims.
  • Chrome rims – These have a shiny appearance, although you will not find them as much as you will the alloy and steel rims. They are mainly used for enhancing the car’s beauty, but will not enhance the performance as much. However, they are prone to scratches, and they will degrade in appearance as they get old.
  • Spinners – These were more popular in 1990s popular culture such as movies and music videos, and were popularly known as ‘spinning wheels’. Similar to chrome rims, they do not aid in the performance of the car, and are installed simply for aesthetic reasons.


When choosing manufacturers of the rims you want for your BMW, it is important to go for the well-known ones with a solid reputation in the industry. After all, the making of rims is an art, and you are guaranteed to get high-quality polished products when you select an experienced brand.

Know the wheel type you want

Selecting from free-formed, forged, or cast wheels will ultimately depend on your usage and budget. If you are on a budget, for instance, and want a set of rims for track usage, then choosing a set of flow-formed wheels will make the most sense. On the other hand, you can go for cast wheels if you want a budget-friendly but project road car.

Forged rims will offer the best of both worlds, although you can get newer options such as the upcoming carbon fiber wheels that offer ultimate performance while remaining very lightweight and durable. This makes them ideal options for people into competitive racing, as well as supercar and luxury car owners.

Your personal style

With the increasing variety of styles in car and wheel design, your imagination is the limit to what you will achieve. You have the chance to choose a rim design that works for you, so take your time when doing so.


Different tire manufacturers will recommend a variety of wheel widths for each tire, with the general rule being that the wheel needs to be 2 to 3 inches narrower compared to the tire. The reason for choosing a smaller width is that it will allow you to keep the tire running at lower pressure, therefore reducing the wear rate at the center of the tread.


The offset is the mounting surface of the wheel relative to the wheel’s centerline. Therefore, a zero offset is due to half the wheel being on every side of the mounting surface, a negative offset wheel is due to a wider track width and the mounting surface farther inside the wheel, while a positive offset wheel is the opposite of a negative offset wheel.


Does using a bigger set of rims affect my gas mileage?

Yes, they do, although other factors will also affect the gas mileage. If you are using a larger rim and tire set, they can reduce the fuel economy due to their heavier weight, while using smaller rims and tires boosts fuel efficiency. A set of bigger tires and rims also results in higher rolling resistance, because they will require more effort and resistance to keep them moving. Other factors that can affect gas mileage include the tire air pressure and tire treads.

Is it always better to use a bigger set of rims?

Not always, as bigger wheels directly result in bigger expenses. They will prove advantageous when you want to increase the traction abilities of your car, but they may not always be the best choice because they can result in problems with the car’s suspension system and inaccurate speedometer readings if they prove too large for your car.

Are steel rims better than alloy ones?

In many cases, yes they are. This is because steel wheels have higher strength levels compared to alloy wheels, which makes them ideal options when driving in the winter months or if you want to use them on a powerful car. They are also more durable compared to alloy rims.


Choosing a set of rims for your BMW 3 Series will depend on a multitude of factors, so it is best to take your time before making a decision on what to go for. Hopefully, this list will provide you with some brands to start with, and help you choose other options in the market.

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