Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses Reviews

Zeiss drive safe lenses contain a special coating that eliminates glare when driving under extreme weather conditions, or in the thick of the night when most motorists have their lights in full glare.

Driving in the late-night has proved difficult for many motorists but since everyone is trying to rush home in the evening, driving at night is now the new norm and worse still is that people have to contend with the harsh weather. Most motorists would, therefore, wait for the weather to improve before they can drive home, as they have a problem seeing the road with the full glare of the oncoming cars, some would drive slowly or even stop when they are blinded by the oncoming cars.

To counter the above problem Zeiss has released the drive safe lenses that have a coating that helps reduce glare in low light conditions. Once worn, the glasses reflect certain wavelengths of light from xenon and the LED headlights. The progressive lens are characteristic of a variable corridor design that helps keep the aberrated zones out of the driver’s line of sight when reading the dashboard.

Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses Breakdown and Review

Zeiss Drivesafe lenses enhance driving confidence among drivers, they have been specially designed to meet the visual needs of drivers. The lenses provide better vision in low light and poor weather conditions, it has been designed to reduce perceived glare at night from the oncoming cars or streetlights and offers an accurate vision of the roads dashboard, rearview mirror, and side mirrors.

The Drive safe lenses from Zeiss are available in two types, we have the single vision lens that helps with clearer traffic evaluation and can, therefore, be worn every day. Motorists have also been provided with progressive drive-safe lenses that offer a dynamic vision for fast refocusing from the road to the dashboard and mirrors.

The Zeiss drive safe lenses seek to correct some of the difficulties experienced by motorists when driving in different conditions. The lenses will, therefore, minimize poor visibility in low light conditions, and can be worn when driving at night, in the dusk or when it is raining. The lenses greatly minimize glare from oncoming cars at night and the dazzle that emanates from the wet roads.

Individuals who experience difficulties refocusing when the eyes alternate between the road and the dashboard will also find the lens useful.

What we liked

  • Enhances vision in poor lighting conditions
  • Reduces glare
  • Enables fast and frequent switching between different viewing distances
  • Perfect for use when driving in extreme weather

What we did not like

  • Highly-priced

Zeiss drivesafe lenses

Zeiss Drivesafe Len
Item Dimensions
13.3 x 0.5 x 3.7 Centimeters
Indoors/ Outdoors

Zeiss Lenses Features

Zeiss Luminance Design

Is a technology by Zeiss that has incorporated the pupil size for driving in mesopic conditions and will, therefore, optimize the lens design accordingly. So for the single vision lenses, you will get up to 5.0  mm while for the progressive lenses, you will get up to 4.3mm. This feature provides a better vision when driving in low light conditions it is configured to take into consideration the different lighting conditions and pupil size and in the process provide natural vision at all times.

When driving, you will notice that your pupil quickly reacts to light intensity emanating from your surroundings. Notable is that the pupil is especially sensitive to the light that directly hits the eye, so during the day the pupil diameter is usually smaller, but expands at night. The low light conditions are what is referred to as mesopic conditions and at this time, the pupil diameter is neither small nor large but balances on both sizes. The balance between large and small pupil size is what makes it hard for the driver to drive comfortably.

Zeiss face fit technology

The lenses have various zones and for the wearer to fully exploit all the zones, the Zeiss lenses have been designed with a unique face fit technology that conveniently matches the unique facial anatomy of the wearer.

Zeiss Duravision drives safe

The Dura vision drive safe coating is a type of anti-reflective coating incorporated to partially reflect the specific wavelengths that are responsible for glare. The safe coating, therefore, helps to minimize glare, especially when driving at night.

The duravision lens has up to 4 distinct parts, the outermost layer is made of a super-slick clean coat that makes it easy to clean the lenses of fingerprint marks. The second layer are the patented anti-static layers, known to enable improved dirt resistance, on this layer, you will get the broadband AR coating which is a multi-layer system that boasts of the first-rate anti-reflective properties.

Important to note is that the top five layers have been ion-compressed to improve the lens’s hardness. The second last layer features a hard coating, which has been cleaned with ion bombardment to provide a state-of-the-art coating adhesion and durability.

The Zeiss Framefit+ technology

The design of the Zeiss lenses can easily take on the shape of different types of frames. Motorists can, therefore, expect the lens to offer the best performance on any type of frame.

The Zeiss UV protect technology

This technology ensures that the lenses offer a higher level of UV protection. It will, therefore, enable the clear Zeiss lenses to efficiently block UV rays of up to 400nm.

Zeiss Drive safe lens design

The drive safe lens design is known to optimize the distance and intermediate viewing zones, a feature that minimizes or obliterates the need for horizontal head movement. The Drive safe lens design, therefore, provides up to 43% larger mid-distance and about 14% larger far-distance vision zones.

Can be worn every day

Drive-safe lenses can be worn just like your everyday glasses and that is why they retail as a single-vision or varifocal. The above feature is a relief for motorists who don’t wish to settle for more than one pair of lenses.

Sport a durable build

The Zeiss drive safe lenses are made of high index plastic, the lenses are scratch-resistant and also glare resistant. What’s more is that they are comfortably thin, a feature that makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Who is it best suited for?

The Zeiss drive safe lenses are suitable for motorists who have problems with vision when driving in low light conditions and in extreme weather conditions such as on a rainy day. Zeiss drive safe lenses bounce off the glare from oncoming cars and enhance visibility when driving in rain. What’s more, is that the thin profile of the glasses and their minimized weight makes them a good everyday glass thus drivers wouldn’t need to get a separate pair for nighttime vision.

Are there alternatives to the Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Zeiss Drivesafe lenses but most of which haven’t incorporated the latest technology. They however remain functional as they have incorporated other functional features and design. The alternatives are the Zenottic Night Driving glasses polarized night vision sunglasses, the High Definition Night Driving Glasses-Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision, and the Clip-on Polarized Night Vision Glasses Flip-up.

Features of alternative Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses

Zenottic Night Driving Glasses Polarized Night Vision Sunglasses
HD High Definition Night Driving Glasses- Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision
Clip-on Polarized Night vision Glasses Flip-up


Anti UV
Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB radiation
Best for low light conditions
Brightens the field of vision
Strong and Sturdy
100% polycarbonate frame
Composite frame

Verdict: So, should I buy the Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses?

Yes, you should buy the Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses because they offer better vision in low light conditions. They effectively help reduce glare from the oncoming cars at night or the streetlights, and they will furnish you with an accurate vision of the road, the side, and review mirrors including the dashboard. The lenses can double up as your daily wear apart from being used for driving in low light conditions.


Zeiss Drivesafe lenses are optimized for driving but they are an everyday safe wear, the glasses have been keenly designed for use with modern vehicles and will, therefore, optimize your field of vision as you switch from head-up driving to glancing at your mirrors, dashboard, and back up cameras.


Are the Zeiss progressive lenses reliable?

Zeiss progressive lenses are reliable given that they offer optimum vision support for both the near and far zones. They offer a perfect fit for the wearer thus ensure faster adaptation, greater wear tolerance, and an all-around clear vision.

Are the Zeiss lenses good for use with glasses?

Zeiss lenses are good for glasses because they feature an advanced technology that gives patients a thinner and lighter lens but with a wide field of vision and the best optics with minimal distortions.

How do I distinguish an original Zeiss lens from a fake one?

Original Zeiss lenses come embedded with a Zeiss trademark on the lens, in the form of stylized Zeiss Z.

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