HRE Wheel Review

HRE wheels are known for their durability to impact, and corrosion; the wheels are additionally famous for their enhanced strength, resistance, and braking.

When it comes to getting wheels for your car, the market is vast such that even the most experienced motorists are bound to get conflicted. If you are, therefore, in the market for some new wheels for your ride, how about you try the HRE’s. The tires come in various configurations and finishes and you could get their 1 piece forged wheels that boast of great strength, are light in weight, and are made of good quality material or the 2 and 3 pieces.

The thing with HRE’s is that you can never go wrong, and that is in terms of looks, quality, and performance. Some motorists, however, have had their concerns with the wheels claiming that the caps are not durably made, so we decided to take an in-depth look at them and have shared our findings below.

HRE Wheels Breakdown and Review

HRE wheels are available in 1 piece, 2 pieces, and 3 piece forged wheels for use by sports, luxury, and exotic cars, not to forget the SUV’s. The 1 piece HRE wheels are simply made of one solid piece, the two-piece wheel is characteristic of a separate center section and a rim bell. The three-piece wheels are characteristic of a separate center section and two different rim parts of varying widths that gives room for fitting flexibility.

HRE wheels are made under two basic principles, the first one being the aesthetics and the second one, performance. Under performance, the wheel is expected to be strong, light, and have a lower rotational inertia, wheels that are to be used on high-performance vehicles must be stiff and light in weight. The HRE high-performance wheels are designed to be light in weight because of the unsprung mass, the latter is all the mass that is not supported by the suspension such as the wheels, brakes, and tires.

The reason for a low unsprung mass is so that when the wheels hit a disturbance it does not put a lot of force into the vehicle chassis, enabling better vehicle control and better ride comfort. The other reason why the HRE high-performance wheels are made light in weight is because of rotational inertia. The latter is the distribution of mass around the wheel’s rotational axis, a light wheel is easy to control and delivers a short braking distance when compared to a heavy wheel.

In essence, is that the HRE high performance wheels accelerate and decelerate easier when used on a race track or other roads. HRE wheels are also characteristic of unique custom finishes, the wheels will, therefore, feature three different finishes on the barrel aluminum. You will, therefore, find them sporting a stone finish but with a marble look. Some are characteristic of the hand brush finish and others a polish finish.

HRE Wheels Manufacture

HRE wheels are forged from aluminum billets, that are first dyed and then exposed to high heat and pressure that molds it into the desired forged shape. The forging process is initiated because it alters the crystallization of the metal making it especially stronger. Given the strength, room is created for the barrel and rim to achieve a slim profile leading to a lightweight wheel.

HRE rims are forged to be used by the high-performance vehicles and that is why their manufacture gives a lot of consideration to the strength and weight of the final product. Once the wheels have been forged, they are then taken to the automated CNC where they are finely tuned through the removal of additional metal and which consequently reveals the spoke design of the Monobloc wheels or the base wheel design for the 2 and 3 piece models. The wheel is then tested and measured, then deep cleaned and sent off to finishing.

From the outlook, of the HRE wheels you can tell that the finishers pay special attention to detail and that is why the wheels end up with a smooth jewel-like surface. Some HRE enthusiasts have concerns about the whole preparation process and worry that the wheels might take longer before it is delivered. So, while that might be true, the whole manufacture process, starting right from forging to preparation and shipping will take up to two weeks and that is for only one wheel.

Individuals who are, therefore, looking for the best in tire performance going forward, wouldn’t mind waiting for their tires from HRE.

What we liked

  • The wheels are light in weight thus easy to control
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • Are strong and durable
  • Wheels are available in three unique color finishes

What we didn’t like

  • The wheels are highly priced
  • Are in high demand thus not easily available

HRE Wheels Specs

HRE Wheels
Rim Width
9.5 inches
Rim Diameter
19 inches
Item weight
31.3 pounds
Audi A4/ S4, Mercedes Benz GLA/GLA45, Passat and Tiguan

HRE Wheels features

Build and Design

The S1SC happens to be HRE’s newest 2 piece forged wheel that is not only stiff and light but does not require air seals when compared to the 3 piece wheel design. The new collection comes in four distinct designs and which are the V-Spoke, the Y-Spoke, the Split 5-spoke, and the mesh design. Notable on the S1SC wheels is the bold styling and the various sophisticated design elements that make the tires stiff and light in weight.

The tires are additionally made of the durable Aerospace grade 6061-T forged aluminum known to deliver high strength to weight ratio.

Spokes on the wheels

The spokes incorporated in the HRE wheels determine its total weight and strength, they also connect the rim of the wheel to the outer diameter and to the plate at the wheels center section.

The Wheels are Light in Weight 

HRE wheels are configured to be light in weight thus when installed on cars they easily manage bumps. They also enhance the stability of the vehicle and enable efficient braking. What’s more is that when it comes to replacing the wheels, motorists don’t have to struggle with heavy factory wheels.

Varied wheel sizes

HRE wheels come in varied sizes, thus motorists are at liberty of choosing any size that suits them ranging from the 17,”18,”19,” up to 24.”

Types of HRE wheels

HRE wheels are varied, we have already discussed about the 1 piece, 2 piece, and 3 piece wheels. But there are other types such as the forged monoblock that was introduced into the market back in 2006 and which became famous because of its aesthetics, quality, and high performance in the aftermarket industry.

There is also the flow form wheel, a unique line with wheels that feature cast designs that stretch to a flow-formed profile and thickness and which results in forged-like strength. The line details strong and reliable wheels and which retail at budget-friendly prices.

The wheels are future proof

Most of the wheels produced by HRE are designed to accommodate current customer demands while also remaining trendy. The manufacturer is currently working on a new project the HRE 3D PLUS program a form of additive manufacturing, the technology is set to release some very unique wheels to the market made by 3D printing titanium. The uniqueness of this technology to the normal machining process is that manufacturers have huge design freedom. And even though they will not be launching the product soon in the market it is quite clear that they are committed to the future.

HRE is constantly innovating its products to offer enhanced performance, deliver more strength, adds more beauty that adds a touch of class to any vehicle while remaining functional.

Who is it best suited for?

HRE wheels are best suited for use by individuals who wish to enjoy enhanced traction and greater car control. The wheels have the aesthetics to enhance your car’s outlook both on and off-track and are a perfect fit for luxury vehicles, sports cars, and supercars.

Are there alternatives to the HRE wheels?

Yes, there are alternatives to the HRE wheels such as the Rotiform KPS matte black wheel and the Verde custom wheels protocol.

Rotiform KPS Matte Black Wheel
Verde Custom Wheels Protocol
Rim Width
8.5 inches
7.5 inches
Rim Diameter
19 inches
18 inches
Verde wheels
Painted finish
27 pounds
27.8 pounds

Verdict: So, should you buy the HRE wheel?

Yes, you should buy the HRE wheels because their manufacture is technology conscious, the wheels are strong, aesthetically pleasing, and lightweight. They are easy to control on the road, thus cornering and going over bumps is a breeze.


Why do the HRE wheels come with a pricey tag?

HRE wheels are forged, they are custom made to complement and enhance the overall outlook of your vehicle.

What material is used to make the HRE wheels?

HRE wheels are coined from the aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum to the German TUV standards.

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