Continental Extremecontact Dws06 Review

The continental Extremcontact Dws06 will suffice in extreme weather conditions and can, therefore, be relied on for the best grip on wet conditions with decent cornering and braking performance.

Motorists around the globe have showered the Continental Extremecontact Dws06 with praises labeling them as the best all-round performers. Generally, a good all-around tire should suffice for the below categories, normally used as merits to measure performance. The tire should offer unmatched durability, it should greatly minimize internal noise, offer reliable cornering grip, and reduce fuel consumption.

New motorists might not be aware that tires do more than just carry the weight of the car, good tires are primary to the car occupant’s safety and should effectively tackle different weather conditions. Now that you are well versed with what you should expect from your wheels, let us dig into the Continental Extremecontact Dws06 and find out whether they indeed offer stellar performance.

Continental Extremecontact Dws06 Breakdown and Review

Continental has released a more reliable tire that has been equipped with features lacking in its predecessor. The Extremecontact Dws06 comes equipped with new technology that seeks to position it as a class leader in UHP all-season tires. Some of the unique and quite reliable features that motorists stand to benefit from are such as the increased number of traction grooves and the X-sipe technology in the tread area.

The above features help obliterate the problem of traction when driving on dry and wet roads. Motorists can, therefore, expect reliable grip when driving in rainy or snowy conditions; even better is that the tires enhance cornering and braking performance. Noticeable is the new sport plus technology and the tread compound that is characteristic of added amounts of +silane and silica additives that effectively boost traction on wet surfaces while enabling seamless handling.

The above technology also ensures that the treads last longer, and to improve on the steering response, the tires feature a sidewall insert that remains effective on all road conditions. The two-ply sidewall can be expected to offer up to 35% enhanced stiffness that furnishes the tire with strength and ensures improved cornering stability.

And as far as the improvements go, it is worthwhile to note that motorists will still be able to use the tuned performance indicators and the alignment verification system, to determine whether the vehicle is properly aligned or how well the tires are wearing out. The tire also offers improved water evacuation thus handling in wet conditions is enhanced, most motorists worry about fuel economy when installing wheels on their cars.

So, for the continental Extremecontact, the tread compound also improves the mileage while offering a unique level of rolling resistance that translates to enhanced fuel economy. It is without a doubt that the Dws did set the pace for the Dws06, which now retails as the first ultra-high performance all-season tire that offered motorists an all-year-round reliability.

And to build your confidence in the performance of the tires, Continental took up to 3 years to create the Dws06, incorporating all the necessary details that would benefit motorists. And given that the Dws had already set a successful pace, the release of the Dws06 was bound to be a major ongoing success for motorists who are out for the all-season performance tires.

What we liked:

  • Motorists can read tread wear level indicators
  • Has good grip on light snow conditions
  • Offers the best performance in dry conditions
  • Equipped with new performance-enhancing technology
  • Offers a 50,000-mile warranty

What we didn’t like

  • The tire is a bit noisy
  • The tires are not durable

Continental Extremcontact Dws06 specifications

Continental Extremcontact Dws06
Rim Size
17 inches
Load index rating
Section width
225 milimeters
Tire aspect ratio

Continental Extremecontact Dws06 Features

Available in variable sizes

The good thing with the continental Extremecontact DwsO6 is that it can match different types of cars, given the wide variety of tire sizes. Motorists who use the tire brand can get sizes ranging from 16-22inches in diameter. What’s more, is that you also get the option of settling with the factory wheels or the aftermarket wheels.

Reliable snow and winter traction

The Continental Extremecontact is a reliable set of wheels for the winter season, the reason being that they are equipped with traction grooves and X-sipes that offer traction in snowy environments. The latter is additionally facilitated via the enhanced pattern edges that improve braking, acceleration, and cornering in varied winter conditions.

Wet road performance

The Extremecontact Dws06 gives a good performance on wet roads, the deep grooves conveniently carry away water and in the process prevent slippage and skidding. The grip on the road is super strong and will retain traction even when cruising on winding backroads.

Tread design and Performance

Continental Extremecontact Dws06 Review

The first thing that you will notice upon the purchase of the continental Extremecontact Dws06 tires are the imprints that stand for Dry-Wet-Snow. And which means that the tires are capable of delivering reliable performance in the mentioned road conditions. So what you need to understand about the DWS, initials on your tires is that they will wear out with the continuous use of the tire.

You will, therefore, notice that the S will fade first, which stands for snow, followed by the W, which stands for Wet, and then the D, which stands for Dry. The indicators will very much tell you whether you need to replace the tires for improved and safe driving in the long term. Important to note is that motorists should not only focus on the fading DWS initials and should also check on the rectangular visual alignment indicator to ensure that the tire is not subject to uneven wear.

Reliable warranty

If we are to consider the tire brands that offer a reliable warranty, Michelin tops the list with mileage warranty for the winter tires. The brand offers the longest warranty but it doesn’t beat the fact that Continental Extremecontact Dws06 offers a 50,000mile tread life warranty on specific sizes and specifications. Let’s also not forget that the Extremecontact Dws06 are performance tires especially during winter, they also offer longer mileage.

Tread design

If you have been wondering where the Continental Extremecontact Dws06 derives its versatility from then you might want to check its asymmetrical tread design. The tread design sports a convenient combination of the plus X-sipes, the Continental’s Sport plus Technology, and the Traction grooves. All the above work in combination to deliver traction in wet, snow, and ice conditions. Most motorists believe that the tire is all-weather capable thus you can expect it to complement performance vehicle chassis.

Noise levels

Continental uses the Contisilent noise-reducing technology on some of its tire models that are characteristic of an inner tire absorber which helps decrease the interior road noise by about 9 decibels. The above is the reason why most models of continental tires offer comfortable and noiseless rides. However, the Extremecontact Dws06 has been found to produce a small amount of noise when driven at low speed, more especially on smooth asphalt.

Given that the Dws06 has been established to offer moderate noise levels, motorists who are interested in a super quiet ride can invest in CrossContact LX20. This tire is among the quietest Continental tire models that come equipped with special compounds that help lower the tires rolling resistance. Other beneficial features on this unit are the four circumferential grooves that have been carefully designed to help expel water consequently maintaining wet traction.

Who is it best suited for?

The Continental Extremcontact Dws06 is ideal for motorists who want a reliable tire while traversing both dry and wet roads. The tire offers reliable performance on snow and ice, the tread life is also excellent not to forget the 50,000mile tread warranty that comes with some of the specific size tires.

Are there alternatives to the Continental Extremecontact Dws06?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Continental Extremecontact Dws06, and the tires don’t fall far off from the Extremecontact in terms of performance. These are the Firestone FT140 All-Season Touring, the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain, and the Goodyear Eagle Sport.

Firestone FT140 All-Season Touring 205/50R17 89 V
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire
Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S VSBTL Radial – 195/65R15 91V
Tread depth
10 32nds
11 32nds
10 millimeters
Rim Size
17 inches
22 inches
15 inches
Rim width
6.5 inches
7.5-9.5 inches
18 inches
Load capacity
2819.7 pounds
1456 pounds
205/50R 17
275/60R 18

Verdict: So, should you buy the Continental Extremecontact Dws06?

Yes, you should buy the Extremecontact tires because judging from its predecessor, the new Continental Extremecontact Dws06 comes with some great improvements in its wet braking and snow traction performance.


Can the Continental Extremecontact Dws06 be used in snowy conditions?

Yes, the tires have been configured to offer the best performance on snow and wet roads.

What cars can the Continental Extremecontact Dws06 fit?

The Continental Dws06 can fit various brands of vehicles including but not limited to Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Mazda 3/ 5, Hyundai Sonata, Genesis, Tiburon, and Elantra among others.


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