BMW Extended Warranty Reviews

Extended warranties usually cover expensive unforeseen repairs on motor vehicles, and the repairs are only accommodated for an agreed period of time and miles.

Extended warranties usually bear no financial returns and for as much as they offer the much-needed security and provides some form of peace of mind, they usually come with a high price tag. What is even more disappointing is that they rarely cover everything that could go wrong, and on isolated occasions, car owners find themselves not being able to use them.

On the flip side, however, is that the extended warranties offer reliable protection in case of failure of an expensive part of your car. New car owners must note that the extended warranties are best purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty expires, the downside with purchasing the extended warranty later is that the price might shoot up. Let us now narrow our scope to the BMW extended warranties.

BMW Extended Warranty Review

Owning a car also means that you have to stay smart, always keep an ear out for unusual noises emanating from the car while driving, so that it can get checked and fixed within the warranty period. Upon the purchase of your dream car, a BMW, it is normal to want to keep it in mint condition for the longest time, and that is why most cars come slapped with a 4 year manufacturer warranty or more.

Well, the warranty we must say offers the car owner some peace of mind for the period that it lasts because they are sure that in case of a breakdown then it will be attended to by professionals. In the event that the factory warranty expires new car owners are usually left stranded and have to deal with the unqualified mechanics some that damage the car even more.

The above is the reason why most people settle with the extended BMW warranty, this type of warranty usually extends past the factory warranty. And you can either purchase it at the time that you are buying your car or any other time before the initial warranty expires. The plans are available in three categories, the Platinum, Gold, and the Powertrain plus.

Warranty Plan
Powertrain Plus
Items covered
Covers the fuel and cooling systems, the engine, transmission, and drive axle.
Covers everything that the Powertrain Plus covers. Covers the heating and air condition systems. Covers the steering and the anti-lock brakes.
Covers everything that the Powertrain Plus and the Gold plan covers. Also covers the navigation system, the audio and entertainment systems.
Items not covered
Does not cover the all-wheel-drive transfer case and the engine induction system.
Does not cover the navigation system, audio, or entertainment.
Offers limited coverage for the BMW’s exterior and Interior.
Coverage Terms
100,000miles/ 7 years
100,000 miles/ 7 years
100,000miles/ 7 years

BMW extended warranty duration

Individuals who opt to get their extended warranty from the dealership will be allowed to pick the length of their term. The car owners can, therefore, pick between five, six, or seven years of coverage, important to note is that this is totally dependent on the in-service date. The latter means that the coverage is an additional one to three years after the four-year limited warranty expires.

The above could spell differences between new and used car owners, thus important to note is that the certified pre-owned (CPO) models can only access the platinum plan that only offers limited coverage for the BMW’s exterior and interior. So, if you are a CPO elite member you can only enjoy coverage for one more year after the expiry of your limited warranty.

But if you are a certified pre-owned member then you can enjoy coverage for two more years, and if you wish to benefit for three more years of coverage then you will have to be a CPO wrap or a CPO wrap elite member. The good thing with BMW extended warranty is that you can get an extended warranty over 100k miles, noteworthy is that you will not get the warranty from the dealership rather from the third-party extended warranty providers.

And if by any chance you happen to buy a used BMW car that is still under warranty, you can still get it an extended warranty either from the dealership or the third-party provider. And when it comes to determining the cost of your BMW’s extended warranty, it could be a little difficult because it mainly depends on the model of the car and the terms that the car owners choose to settle with. Thus car owners will be provided with the information when making purchases for the vehicle.

What we liked

  • The plans offer different levels of coverage
  • Protects car owners from covering the full cost of repairs
  • Can be purchased from third-party dealers
  • Offer comprehensive coverage

What we didn’t like

  • Some plans are limited in coverage
  • You might never use the extended warranty

Other Features of the BMW Extended Warranty 

The new vehicle warranty offered by BMW is no doubt comprehensive but one thing that you can be sure is that it doesn’t last very long. So, to ensure that your car gets the best service in case it develops problems, you could get an extended warranty from the recommended third parties that have been deemed to offer the extended warranties at affordable prices.

The reason why the third-party extended warranties are recommended is that the dealers have been given the liberty by BMW to set their prices thus they can tweak the prices to suit their clients. New car owners who are looking to settle with the third-party BMW extended car warranty companies can choose between Carchex and Endurance.

The latter offers a factory extended warranty, and also offers a full refund after 30 days of purchase. To get the Endurance warranty plan premium car owners will have to provide the make, model of the car, the mileage and year, and finally, the plan that they settle with. The benefit of settling with Endurance is because its auto warranties are honored by more than 350,000 ASE-Certified repair facilities.

Endurance also seeks to be of more service to its clients, and has, therefore, introduced the Elite membership with every contract. The Elite membership comes attached with a couple of benefits such as repair finance, personal concierge, Tire replacement, Roadside assistance, and ID theft recovery among others.

Moving over to Carchex is that car owners will be exposed to various levels of coverage, and which come with up to 18 contracts. The policy plans vary, important to note is that the third-party extended warranty provider uses an exclusionary contract that does not cover excluded vehicle components and systems. Overall is that the cost of a BMW extended warranty greatly depends on the mileage, age, and model of the car.

So, as you do your research and try to find the best third-party extended warranty service provider it might interest you to know that Carchex and Endurance offerings can be more beneficial to you in the below categories. The repair network, the number of coverage plans, and the maximum length of coverage. So when it comes to settling with a particular third-party warranty service provider, you will have to reach out to the various companies and get quotes that have been customized to suit your specific vehicle.

Who is it best suited for?

The BMW extended warranty is best suited for individuals who want to extend their car’s warranty past the standard coverage. The latter helps retain the value of the car and protects car owners from sudden costly mechanical breakdowns.

Are there alternatives to the BMW extended warranty?

Yes, there are alternatives to the BMW Extended warranty and which are the third party companies such as Carshield, Endurance, and Carchex.

Extended Warranty Companies
Car shield
Offers the best value
Offers the best coverage
Offers the best coverage for used cars
Covers Engine, Drive Axle, and Transmission
Has three plans,

Bumper to bumper

Basic coverage and Exclusionary

Runs 4 coverage plans. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.
Towing and rental cars
Provides towing and rental cars
Towing and rental cars available
Offers 24 hours roadside assistance
24/7 roadside assistance
24/7 roadside assistance

Verdict: So, should you buy the BMW extended warranty?

Yes, you should buy the BMW extended warranty because the new vehicle warranty does not last as long. You can either get the extended warranty from the dealership or the third-party extended warranty providers.


Is it possible to negotiate a BMW extended warranty?

It is barely possible to negotiate a BMW extended warranty because at the dealership you will only get three plans thus the room for negotiation is a little bit constricted.

For how long will the BMW extended warranty cover my vehicle?

The BMW extended warranty will cover your vehicle for up to 7 years or 100,000miles.

How do I know if my BMW is still under warranty?

To check if your BMW is still under warranty, you will first find your car’s VIN number, then proceed to check your odometer and lastly, you will reach you to your dealership and retrieve the relevant information.


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