Best window tint for BMW

Protect your BMW from harsh sunlight by tinting the windows. Intense sunlight can affect the car negatively since it can fade the paint or leather interior.

Adding a window tint to this vehicle can keep you more comfortable as you drive in the summer. It not only prevents damage from the sun but also enhances privacy. A tint on the windows of a BMW can also improve its overall look. If you want to tint a BMW, you are in the right place. We will review the best window tint for BMW that you can consider getting. Our article also includes a buying guide that can help you make a more informed decision. Read on!

Comparing the best window tint for BMW

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Rvinyl Rtint
Precut tint
Lexen 2 ply
Carbon film
Vvivid vinyl window tint
Ceramic film
Motoshield window tint
Ceramic film
Gila heat shield
Dyed film

Reviewing the best window tint for BMW

Rvinyl Rtint Window tint– Best overall

best window tint for BMW

If you own a BMW 3 series 2013 vehicle, you should consider tinting the windows with this product. This is an easy to install window tint that can make the vehicle appear classy. It is a precut tint that is explicitly cut to fit your car model, make, and year.

Since it is CAD designed, you can install it without any help. The included install guide also makes things easier. If you have never installed a window tint before, consider watching the available video on the manufacturer’s website for further guidance. Before you install it, you should clean the window then spray the solution. The window tint kit comes with a spray bottle that contains specially formulated liquid.

You don’t have to worry about the fluid damaging the interior of your car during spraying. Once you use it, you can then peel back the liner then slide it into position. Consider beginning with the front window since this is easier to install compared to the rear windshield. The packaging also includes a micro-fiber, razor blade, and a lint-free cloth. You have the option of picking the kit you prefer from different options such as front only, visor strip, or rear windshield. You can also pick the tint from different shades available based on your taste.

The Rtint Window tint also comes with a warranty that should last for at least three years. This can prevent you from spending more cash during the warranty period in case of bubbling, discoloration, or delamination. These terms only apply if the window tint was properly installed.


  • It comes precut
  • You can pick it from different color options
  • Installing is easy
  • Impressive warranty


  • Not compatible with some BMW models

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Lexen 2 ply premium– Easy to install

Premium Carbon Roll Window Tint Film Auto Car

The best window tint for BMW should be scratch-resistant. That is what you will be getting by choosing Lexen 2 ply. It comes in a roll measuring 100 by 20 feet. You can use this model to tint the windows of your BMW.  The tint is designed to block most of the UV rays from penetrating through the car windows. This is an automotive carbon film that offers a dark shade in your car to keep the sun out.

This film cannot interfere with any radio signals. It features carbon pigments that offer great heat rejection. This tint can boost comfort by preventing you from getting too hot even when driving the vehicle in the summer. The color pigments are also meant to offer color stability. If you choose this window tint for your vehicle, you can get it in different shades such as limo, dark, medium, or light.

You will not struggle to cut the roll of film and fit it at the desired window. Many people choose this window tint over others since it offers a very clean look. This is also a high-quality window tint that you can rely on. Unlike some of the window tints that tend to fade after some time, Lexen 2 ply can stay in place for a long time.

If you have never applied window tint before, consider getting professional assistance once you buy this film. If you don’t want to hire someone to help you with the installation, take your time to watch the video online before you start applying it to your vehicle. For a DIY project, ensure that you clean the glass properly before you apply it. Doing this can prevent it from bubbling or peeling after application. The window tint also tends to crease easily if not applied properly. Lexen is also impressive since it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • No signal interference
  • It rejects up to 99% of UV
  • The window tint comes at an affordable price
  • It does not fade easily


  • The carbon film does not block more heat than ceramic film.

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Vvivid vinyl window tint– It is versatile

Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window

If you have just bought a new BMW and would like to tint the windows, you should consider getting this tint. You can install these adhesive-backed vinyl sheets on your own. If you wish to get a perfect look from this window tint, consider getting a skilled person that can help you install it. Such a professional can prevent bubbles from forming during application. Removing the tint should not be a challenge.

Vvivid Vinyl is a popular window tint that many people choose for all kinds of locomotives since it sticks on glass surfaces well. This window tint can improve the aesthetic value of your BMW while at the same time blocking the penetration of UV rays. This window tint is also designed to prevent glare. It is among the best window tints for BMW since it can easily resist dust and dirt.

One thing that draws car owners to this window tint is the different colors it comes in. You can choose it from colors such as red, orange, blue, green or black. Go for the color you like the most and consider the color of your vehicle during the selection. Vvivid Vinyl is a high-quality tint that goes nicely with different car models.

This window tint also does a good job of cutting some heat from the scorching sun. It can also prevent the driver and passengers from sun glare. Unfortunately, most customers don’t find this window tint to be long-lasting. It can start fading after some time.


  • It comes in different colors
  • It sticks well on different glass surfaces
  • High-quality tint
  • The window tint prevents glare
  • It is dirt resistant


  • Some users reveal that the colors are not bright enough

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Motoshield pro ceramic kit-High quality window tint

Premium Precut Ceramic Window Tint for All Vehicles

Protect your skin from the sun by tinting the windows of your BMW with this ceramic kit. It can also help you add bold colors to the vehicle and give it more style. Motoshield pro ceramic film offers a durable window tint that does not fade easily. You should therefore expect this window tint to give you service for a long time.

Since this is a precut kit, it is easier to install compared to a roll film. Ensure you use a heat gun when applying this film and follow the instructions it comes with keenly to install it properly. You don’t need a professional to apply this ceramic kit.

The strong film makes use of ceramic nanoparticles to prevent infrared radiation and UV rays from penetrating the vehicle. This tint will protect not only the occupants of a car but also the interior. Since it blocks solar heat, it can prevent you from feeling so hot even when you are driving in very hot conditions. The ceramic film works better at blocking heat than other forms of window tints, and it also holds up better. This environmentally-friendly window tint can minimize the interior temperature by up to 25 degrees F.

Motoshield pro ceramic kit is also among the best window tint for BMW since it comes in a variety of shades. The shades range from 5-75% VLT levels. Apart from a BMW, you can also use this window tint on other types of cars. If you have more than one vehicle, this window tint can help you save some cash.

It does not interfere with any connections for your electronics. Motoshield pro ceramic also rolls out well and does not crease easily. This window tint is not prone to scratches. Once you purchase this window tint, you should get a three-year warranty. Some customers find the warranty period less compared to what other suppliers offer for their window tints.


  • You can get it in different shades
  • It is also available in various configurations
  • The ceramic nanoparticles prevent up to 99% of UV rays


  • You need a heat gun to apply it
  • Not easy to install on a curved window

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Gila heat shield-Ideal for DIYers

 Automotive Window Tint

Are you working with a tight budget but need a quality window tint for a BMW? If yes, you should consider the Gila heat shield. This is a single-layer dyed film that can help you save some cash. It is a popular window tint among vehicle owners since it comes from a reputable brand. Many vehicle owners choose this window tint since it is of high quality.

Choosing the Gila heat shield window tint can help you enjoy privacy every time you are in the car. The tint prevents people from seeing inside your vehicle. Since this window tint prevents glare, it can promote safe driving and increase comfort in a vehicle.

It also makes a BMW look more stylish and can block excess heat from getting to the vehicle’s interior. This window tint can block up to 99% of the ultra-violet rays from penetrating the car. The problem with this dyed window tint is that it does not hold up like carbon or ceramic film.

Since this window tint blocks heat, it can prevent the air conditioning from working too hard to keep your car cool.  Most customers reveal that the Gila heat shield lets in a considerable amount of light into a car to enhance visibility. During purchase, you should expect this window tint to come with a two-year warranty. Be keen on the instructions so that you don’t have problems installing this window tint.


  • It is cheaper than most window tints.
  • The window tint comes from an established company
  • It blocks most UV rays from penetrating your car
  • The deep dye technology makes it scratch-resistant


  • A limited number of shades

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Finding the best window tint for BMW

Tinting the windows of a car is a common trend. This can make a significant difference in a BMW since it enhances comfort, boost privacy, and prevents the car’s interior. A single layer of window tint can offer numerous benefits to the car. It can even improve fuel efficiency since you will not have to run the AC high as the vehicle’s interior will remain cooler. Here are the things you should be keen on to get the best window tint for BMW.


Once you start shopping for a window tint, you will come across different types. Learning how the types differ can help you choose an ideal option for your car. Some of the types of window tints include dyed film, metallic, carbon, ceramic, and factory. If, for instance, you chose a dyed film, you should expect less amount of UV and heat protection. This type of film tends to deteriorate easily in high temperatures. With time the UV rays can easily convert black dye into a purple shade. Though it has such flaws, the dyed film is cheaper than other types.

The market also offers metallic tints that can give your vehicle a metallic look. Such a window tint has an adhesive layer that can easily block UV rays from penetrating the glass surfaces. This layer also reflects light easily. This window tint can reduce heat and does not fade easily. Carbon films are also popular among vehicle owners since they block most UV rays. This type can also help minimize fuel consumption and give your vehicle an attractive matte finish.

If you are looking for the latest window tint for your car, you should consider the ceramic film. This type features non-conductive particles. It is better since it blocks most UV rays and minimizes glare more than other window tints. This type does not interfere with electronic signals. Since it is the best type of window tint for a BMW, it is the most expensive.


Apart from understanding the different types of window tints, you should also choose one from a reputable brand. Well-known brands produce quality window tints that can give your car service for longer. Once you focus on a popular brand, you can easily find user reviews that can help you gauge the quality of window tint a certain company produces. Choose a window tint from brands such as Motoshield pro, Gila, or Lexen.

Rolled vs. precut

The best window tint for BMW also comes in different forms. You can either find a precut film or a rolled one. Precut films are already cut to match your window’s dimensions. If you have never installed a window tint before, you should consider this form since it is easy to install. On the other hand, rolled films have more work since you have to cut them yourself to come up with a proper fit. If you are skilled at measuring, a rolled tint can help you save some cash since it is cheaper than a precut kit.

VLT levels

A good window tint should come in different shades of black. This is often rated by a VLT (Visible light transmission) percentage. By focusing on the shade, you can gauge the amount of light that can pass through the window tint. A window tint that has a low VLT percentage is darker than one with a high VLT percentage. If, for instance, you choose a tint that has a 50% VLT level, you should expect it to allow at least 50% of the light into your car.


As much as a tint obscures your vehicle’s windows, it should not make it difficult to drive. As you compare different models, choose one that can offer good clarity for safety reasons. A clear tint that is less foggy can improve visibility in different light conditions.


How can I clean the tinted window?

Use a sponge to clean it instead of sharp objects to prevent it from scratching.

What is the bubbling effect in window tinting?

This refers to the formation of bubbles between the film and glass that are caused by improper installation.

How long can I depend on a window tint?

It depends on the model you choose. The best ones can go for many years without fading or scratching.


Give a BMW a stylish look by tinting the windows. We have discussed some of the best window tints for BMW that you should consider installing. As you compare them, do not forget to consider the key factors we have discussed above.

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