Best Used BMW Under 20000

The cheapest and latest BMW goes for about $35,400, while the most expensive new model goes for at least $108, 600. Well, that is way above our budget of 20000, but it does not mean that we should give up on our dream of owning a BMW. We will, therefore, comb the various markets as we search for the best used BMW that retails under 20000.

The advantage of retaining cars in good condition is that you can trade them in for something better and newer or resale it at a good price, such dealings are what makes it possible for some of us to drive our dream cars. However, there exist some controversies with used cars that should be looked into before making a purchase. Before you purchase a used BMW, you might want to find out about its history, if the car was involved in any accidents, and make your decisions accordingly.

The BMW CPO program can also provide you with a wealth of information but it should not be entirely relied upon when it comes to making the final decision. So, to remove the guesswork out of finding the best used BMW under 20000, we have combed the markets and shared our findings below.

The list below contains some of the best BMWs under 20000 that you might want to invest in.

  1. BMW 328i (2012)

Best Used BMW Under 20000

The 2012 BMW 3 series is not only aesthetically pleasing but comfortable thanks to the longer wheelbase, the German machine is a mass of new technology equipped to enhance performance. The car has been configured to deliver on one of the biggest concerns that most motorists have, and which is fuel efficiency. The inside of the car is spacious and you will find extra room in the rear seat which is perfect for both tall and short people.

The trunk room is decently large measuring about 17 cubic feet; moving over to the hood, you will find a 4 cylinder engine but it also uses a turbocharger so in essence is that it is just 2 liters in displacement but can conveniently make 240 horsepower at about 5,000 rpm. The torque is substantial at 260-foot pounds and becomes available at 1250 rpm.

The steering wheels allow for greater performance as it is small thus comfortable for the hands, the gear shift is not exactly impressive but it does feel good. The pedals are undeniably perfect for heel toe to heel toe, the power steering is also quite responsive but we can’t compare it to the hydraulic unit equipped in the old model.

The car has incorporated a couple of drive modes thus the driver can alternate between the sport mode, and the sport plus mode. Drivers have also been provided with the normal and comfortable eco-pro mode that enables them to drive fuel efficiently.  The BMW 3 series is also never out of boost, thanks to the turbocharged engine, thus boasts of incredible pulling power. And while the boost starts so low it surely stays on so high.

  1. BMW 330Ci Convertible (2003)

bmw convertible

The 2003 convertible BMW is beautiful inside and out, among its unique features are the fog lights at the front bottom, and for your cruising needs, you have been provided with reliable 18” wheels. The door has incorporated the side airbags and some wood grain accents at the front that enhance the car’s aesthetics.

Motorists can choose between the sports and premium package, the former will provide you with the upgraded wheels including some wider thread tires. The package also contains the leather-wrapped steering wheel, and the car owner will also be treated to a sporty feel. You will also notice that it has incorporated the racing-style seats with an extendable piece at the end of the seat for more comfort.

The memory seats are characteristic of three different settings including the heated seats. And to access the rear of the car, on the side of the co-driver’s seat you will find a switch the conveniently moves the seat forward. The trunk is spaciously laced with a nice clean carpet, and at the side, the car has incorporated an in-dash CD player. The BMW 330Ci offers a solid drive thanks to the 225 horsepower, the car also comes with a wind deflector and you can attach it when you don’t have passengers at the back.

  1. BMW X4 (2016)


Only two things to dislike in the 2016 BMW X4, the first one being the tight rear seats and the minimized cargo space, apart from this two, you can be sure that the strong engines will take you to your destination. The car features standard security features such as the fog lights and rear parking sensors. You will also get to utilize the driver assistance features, such as the rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and dynamic cruise control.

At the front part, you have been provided with the front parking sensors, a head-up display, a lane departure warning, and a forward collision warning among others. The X4 is undeniably sporty with a sloped roofline, a powerful base engine, and a smaller cabin. The above features prove the X4 to be a high-performance car, with a decent infotainment system.

The 2016 X4 has a seating capacity of five people, the front seat is spacious and very comfortable but the back is problematic because the leg space and headroom have been greatly minimized. The front seats are power-adjustable complete with leatherette upholstery. The car is characteristic of a nine-speaker audio system, powered by the HD radio, it has also incorporated a USB port and Bluetooth.

Notable is that some of the models have been equipped with a 16 speaker surround sound system, satellite radio, and navigation. The trunk space measures 17.7 cubic feet, and up to 49.4 cubic feet when folded. Talking about the gas mileage, the base xDrive28i returns up to 20 mpg when cruising the city streets and up to 27mpg on the highway.

  1. BMW Z4 (2007)

bmw under 20k

Under the long list of BMW cars, we managed to retrieve the 2007 sleek-looking BMW Z4 that took over from the Z3 back in 2003. If you opt for this car, you must know that it comes in three models and two body styles, but all of which have been equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine. The models are characteristic of a six-speed manual transmission, the latter has enabled the 3.0i and the 3.0si to be rated at 20mpg in the city streets and 29 on the highway.

The attractive outside body features a stylishly long hood, with a short and uplifted deck. The front part features a rather attractive nose, but you cannot ignore the fact that the license plate sort of destroys the nose look. Motorists will also note that there is little ground clearance with the front air dam thus drivers should be careful when head-in parking.

You will also notice that the center of the roof is recessed, just like the twin cockpit witnessed in the sports car fashion. The incorporated roll bars have been conveniently covered with gray plastic, and the bars are fixed and strengthened by attaching them to a common bulkhead. The interior is characteristic of low-slung seats, thus is best utilized by the young and energetic, getting into the car will require a ducking and stepping down stance while getting out will require the use of both the lower and upper body strength.

On the flip side, the seats have been perfectly contoured to achieve a sporty drive, and are equally comfortable if you wish to take a long trip. The car has incorporated a perfectly sized aluminum spoke steering wheel that enables seamless cornering. Enthusiast have also been provided with intuitive buttons that they can use to power the sound system, and for cruise control.

Storage pockets are not exactly spacious but they are numerous, you will, therefore, get small pockets conveniently incorporated at the door, the seatbacks also feature a storage compartment and a cubby at the front shifter. If you wish to have more storage options, you can get it with the premium package in the form of nets, which you can use to store newspapers, maps among other paper documents.

The Z4 features a hatchback design that could very well be mistaken for eating space but that is not the case because you will be provided with about 12.0 cubic feet of rear cargo volume. Still, at the back, we can’t fail to notice the rear roof pillars that have created a huge blind spot at the back.

  1. BMW 530i (2004)

bmw 2004

The 2004 BMW 530i sports a basic design and has a unique look on the inside, first off you will notice that the functional buttons are on the driver’s side door, conveniently placed for easy reach. The fog lights button is beneath the steering wheel, and on the steering wheel, you get the telephone options on the left-hand side, and on the right, you will get the functions for the onboard computer and radio.

There is an indicator stick at the front left side of the steering wheel, and when you move down the same plane you will find a tilt control for the steering, and slightly lower you will get the cruise control. Other important controls have been incorporated in the sunroof area, such as the map lights, controls for the sunroof, and the sos call option for roadside assistance.

The backseat space is a bit minimized, but at the doors, you have been provided with a cigarette lighter area, at the center, there is a little heat unit, that you can use to control temperatures at the rear. The rear seats have warmers and a child anchor seat feature that you can use to attach a car seat.

Moving over to the more technical aspects of the BMW 5301 is that the aluminum suspension pays homage to the 7 series. Underneath the car, you will get the all-season standard tires, and below the hood, you have been provided with a DOHC 24-valve 3.0 liter straight six reliable and flexible engine. The engine is now mated to a standard six-speed manual or the optional six-speed automatic transmission.

The BMW 530i might look basic when compared to other models but it is actually bigger than its predecessor, the wheelbase for example has extended to 113.7 inches while the car is about 2.6 inches longer, an inch taller, and two inches wider. Trunk space has also greatly improved more especially when you include the new run-flat tires.

  1. BMW 528i (2014)

2014 bmw worth 20000

Before we get to the good, the 2015 BMW 528i does come with some minor tolerable issues, and the most notable one is the small trunk at the back. We also noted that the automatic stop system is not as efficient and the drive is not as engaging when compared to its rivals. Back to the good and the BMW die hard will be treated to a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that provides some satisfying amount of power.

The 2014 sleek 5 series also sports powertrains that include a turbo-charged diesel engine complete with a hybrid setup that effectively combines a turbocharged gasoline engine with an electric motor. The gas mileage is notably above average and you will, therefore, get up to 23mpg in the city and about 33mpg on the highway. The car features an 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, the car has been equipped with five comfortable seats with the two front seats boasting a 10-way power adjustment.

The rear has ample leg and headroom, the family car also features full sets child-seat connectors in the rear seats and one tether anchor in the middle seat. At the front, you will get the BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with a crispy clear display, and intuitive menu settings. Other functional but standard features are such as Bluetooth, navigation, and the twelve speakers.

The 5 series are quite advanced, so for your security, you will get all the standard features, such as the front and rear parking sensors, a lane departure warning, a parallel park assist, adaptive cruise control, and a blind spot monitoring feature, not to forget the rearview camera among others.

  1. 2016 BMW 228i

bmw worth 20000 2016

BMW seeks to remain competitive thus with every release the faults are removed, and the 2016, 2 series is a true reflection of the above sentiments given that the only notable faults were the cramped rear seats. Apart from that, you will be spoilt for choice given that you will have to choose between the three turbocharged engine options and which are the 365 horsepower cylinder for the M2, a 320 horsepower 6 cylinder for the M235i, and a 240 horsepower 4 cylinder for the 228i.

The 228i horsepower four cylinders have the least turbocharged engine capacity when compared to the other two, but that should not deceive you into thinking that it hasn’t packed enough punch. On the contrary, the 228i is not only fun to drive but can quickly move from zero to 60mph in as little as six seconds. The driving dynamics of the 2 series are quite impressive and you can, therefore, expect it to remain stable when cornering, the steering is responsive and light in weight and braking is especially slow and confident.

New car owners are mostly concerned about gas and mileage, thus what they should know is that the 228i offers unmatched fuel efficiency, and they will, therefore, get 33-35 mpg on the highway and 22-23mpg for the city streets. The 228i series can only carry four people including the driver, and the front seats are impressively spacious and comfortable with decent legroom for the tall drivers.

No complaints so far about the headroom, but if you will be sitting in the rear seats then you should be prepared for fatigue because it is cramped. The common BMW interior features are also found in the 2 series, such as the Bluetooth and USB port. The car is additionally equipped with a 6.5inch iDrive infotainment screen and a satellite radio. Important to note is that for you to utilize most of the interior features such as the infotainment system there is a steep learning curve, but the good thing is that the system and controls are intuitive and highly responsive.

The trunk space measures 13.8 cubic feet, which is standard for the luxury small car class, the rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split giving you room to fit longer items in the trunk.


All the above reviewed BMWs retail under $20,000, they have varied features, with regards to the year of manufacture. The most advanced cars are those of the later years such as the 2014 and 2016 models. The CPOs offer value for money because most of them are in mint condition, and retail for less than $20,000 which is quite fair when compared to the original buying price. Be sure to check on head and legroom space, fuel efficiency, and drive response before purchase.

Jurgen Shmidt works as an automotive engineer, his duties revolve around vehicle design, development manufacture, and testing. Shmidt is also involved in marketing, sales, and the after-sale care of cars, apart from his 8 hours job, he interacts with enthusiasts who have concerns or wish to learn about the various models of the BMW luxury cars. Shmidt believes that the demand for detailed information surpasses its availability and that is why he dedicates most of his free time, researching and compiling reliable information. The information compiled on bmwexpert has been derived from hands-on experience and not some snazzy press release, thus we believe you will find answers to your troubling questions about the BMW.

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