Best tires for BMW 528i

If you own a BMW 528i, you should choose tires that can enhance safety and efficiency during driving. Are you ready to replace your current tires? If yes, you are in the right place.

Finding the best tires for BMW 528i without any help is challenging for most car owners. We came up with this review to make your search easier. Today, we will review the best tires for BMW 528i and give you a guide on what to consider before making the purchase.

Comparing the best tires for BMW 528i   

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Cooper CS5
Continental extremecontact DWS06
BFGoodrich g-Force
Summer tire
Michelin Premier A/S
All-season tire
Vogue signature V black
All-terrain tire

Reviewing the best tires for BMW 528i

Cooper CS5– Luxury touring tire

Reviewing the best tires for BMW 528i

Equipping your car with high-quality tires can help you enjoy better performance in different conditions. Copper CS5 is compatible with different BMW models, including 528i. Many people consider it since it is equipped with advanced technology that enhances efficiency and longevity.

This tire is made with a silica tread compound. The manufacturer adds more silica to help the tire grip well even when you are driving on dry roads. With these tires, you can easily ride the BMW even on wet streets or those covered with snow without losing grip.

Copper CS5 also stands out due to the inclusion of micro-gauge grooves. These are designed to enhance traction and stability. Most drivers choose this tire due to how it performs, even during cornering. It is designed using stabilEdge technology, which keeps the steering consistent and responsive. Whether you are driving fast or slow, this tire can give you added control.

It is also a unique tire that features wear square technology. This is a visual indicator that allows you to assess the miles of tread left on this tire. Since the tread design of this tire is asymmetric, you can rotate the tire effortlessly. Since this is a stable tire, it can make your ride more comfortable on different surfaces. Unlike some tires, this model produces minimal noise to prevent distraction during driving.

Once you start shopping for this tire for a BMW 528i, you will come across different sizes ranging from 15-19 inches. The speed ratings of this tire include W, V, and H. The company behind this tire backs it with a five-year warranty. Many customers are impressed with the 45-day test guarantee that the tire comes with. If you are not contented with the tire during this period, the supplier can exchange it for a different model. Cooper CS5 is the best tire for the 528i model since it gives one excellent value. 


  • It offers a smooth ride
  • Impressive tread warranty
  • Superior handling


  • Some customers find the price a bit higher than that of other models

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Continental extreme contact DWS06– ideal for different weather conditions

best tires for BMW 528i

If you stay in an area with lots of rainfall and own a BMW 528i car, you need to invest in the right tires.  Continental extreme contact is a reliable tire that enhances traction, especially on wet road surfaces. This is an ultra-performance tire that is designed with advanced technology known as Sport plus technology. It can deliver smooth rides in different seasons.

One of the reasons it is considered among the best tires for a BMW 528i is its high silica content. The manufacturer even includes silane additives to this tire to boost traction on different surfaces. This tire is known to provide precise handling. It also delivers a long-lasting tread life.

Like most tires, Continental extreme contact comes with an asymmetric tread pattern. If you choose this tire, you should also expect traction grooves in it. The tread also uses sipe technology which can enhance traction as you drive on surfaces covered with snow. This tire not only provides a strong grip on wet ground but also enhances cornering and braking performance.

Most drivers who choose this tire are also impressed with the responsive and crisp steering it delivers. Choosing this tire can give you more confidence while driving the BMW in different conditions. The manufacturer goes the extra mile by adding a sport sidewall insert which can quicken steering response. The two-ply sidewall offers more stiffness compared to other tires. It ensures that this tire has cornering stability and more strength.

Apart from these unique features, you will also find basic features in this tire, like the alignment verification system. Due to the presence of tuned performance indicators, you can easily tell if the car is aligned properly and whether the tire is wearing. Some of the tires compatible with BMW models are loud and can easily distract you while driving. Continental extreme contact is different since it does not produce a lot of noise.

If you choose this tire for a BMW 528i, your purchase will come with a 6-year warranty. It also comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can exchange the tire for any other model from the same brand if you are not contented with this tire. The tire is also available in different sizes ranging between 16 and 22 inches.


  • It offers enhanced traction on wet, snow, and dry surfaces
  • This tire can also help you enjoy a comfortable ride
  • It improves steering response
  • The tire works quietly


  • Some users reveal that the tread wear is not impressive

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BFGoodrich g-Force– ideal for summer driving

tires for BMW 528i

G-force sport tires are popular for delivering an excellent performance. If you wish to choose a model from this brand for a BMW 528i, you should consider BFGoodrich g-Force sport tires. You will find this tire fun to ride.

If you enjoy driving fast, this tire is an ideal choice. It also performs well when it comes to cornering. The best tires for BMW 528i should feature silica, and this model is no exception. Thanks to the addition of this compound, this tire offers a sticky grip. The manufacturer of this tire adds filler to extend its lifespan and minimize tread wear.

The performance racing core ensures that this tire can perform well even on wet pavements. This model differs from the original G-force sport tire in that it has improved wet and dry pavement traction. You will notice a significant difference after installing this tire in your vehicle. BFGoodrich g-Force also offers enhanced grip during cornering due to the inclusion of g-control inserts and g hooks.

As part of the construction, the manufacturer equips the inside structure of this tire with two steel belts. The high tensile belts are made from nylon, and they are designed to add durability and strength during hard cornering and when driving at high speeds. It not only offers a quick steering response but also increased stability.

Though this tire has a lot of impressive features, it is not the quietest model available. When the tread starts wearing down, it produces some noise. Some drivers are also not impressed with the lack of tread mileage warranty on this tire.  Despite these issues, the BFGoodrich g-Force tire can give you value for your cash.


  • Provides a firm grip on wet roads
  • Materials come with a 6-year warranty
  • Cool design
  • Great steering response


  • It can be noisy

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Michelin Premier A/S-High quality tire

 best tires for BMW

When it comes to tire technology, Michelin is one of the brands that stand out. If you are in need of all-season tires that can deliver excellent performance, you should consider Michelin Premier A/S. This tire is not only compatible with BMW 528i but also other car types. It is a popular tire that features a silica compound.

Since this tire is designed with EverGrip safety technology, it offers long-lasting traction when driving on wet surfaces. This tire is ideal for drivers who mostly ride in areas with high amounts of rain. It comes with rain grooves that are found around its circumference. The geometric shape of this tire keeps on widening as the tread wears down. The advanced technology ensures that the tire can easily channel away water well as the groves lose depth.

The grooves are designed to offer added grip when driving the vehicle on wet grounds. Even when the tire wears down, it will still break as it did when it was new. The tread compound of the Michelin Premier A/S tire has sunflower oil. Like most BMW tires, this model also comes with sipes that offer biting edges, improving traction on ice and snow. They enhance the tread performance even in cold temperatures. Once you invest in this tire, you should expect it to serve you for a long time.

Its inner structure is fitted with twin steel belts which add strength and make it more durable. Though this tire is more expensive than other models, its quality makes many car owners consider it. The best tires for BMW 528i should work without producing too much noise.

This specific model reduces road noise better than other tires. You can choose this tire from a variety of sizes between 15 and 18 inches. Unlike the previous model, this tire has a 60,000-mile warranty. You have a chance to test the tire within this period and decide whether it is the right fit for your vehicle.


  • Offers comfortable rides
  • Low road noise
  • It comes from a reputable brand
  • Made with EverGrip safety technology
  • Offers cornering stability


  • It is expensive

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Vogue signature V black-Offers a pleasurable driving experience

high quality tires

Vogue has been creating excellent touring tires for a long time now. If you wish to buy tires from this brand for a BMW 528i, you should consider Vogue Signature V black. This is a popular model that comes with some impressive features. The tire is designed with a silica-infused tread compound, which provides more responsive handling and increases traction.

This tire also has broad shoulder elements which are meant to boost cornering performance. When you are driving the BMW on a busy highway or street, these elements on the tire can sharpen handling. Unlike conventional tires, this model has a unique tread pattern that offers a better grip when riding on wet surfaces.

It also features wide grooves on its circumference, which minimize the risk of hydroplaning when driving at high speeds and also enhance braking. Choosing this tire can keep you in control when driving under different conditions.

This manufacturer prioritizes comfort when making tires. Vogue signature V black is one of the most comfortable tires available today. It is designed with whisper tuning technology which ensures that you can enjoy a quiet ride. This tire is also much smoother compared to other models compatible with the BMW 528i. Apart from winter, this tire can give you confidence when driving the vehicle on different types of roads.

Like most models, the inner structure of this tire contains two steel belts that feature a polyester cord body. This makes the tire long-lasting and strong.  You can choose this tire from sizes ranging between 18 and 22 inches. This tire also comes with a 60,000-mile warranty. Once you purchase this tire, you will also get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not contented with the performance of this tire, you can always return it and get back a refund.


  • Extended tread life
  • It reduces road noise
  • Offers excellent cornering performance


  • Not ideal for winter driving

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How to find the best tires for BMW 528i

Finding the best tires for this BMW model does not have to be a challenging task. You need to know the most crucial factors that can help you get the right one. Some of them are discussed as follows.


You should also assess your needs and compare the different types of tires available for this BMW model. Different types of tires are designed for various driving conditions. You need to choose a tire that can adapt to the weather conditions of your area. If, for instance, you often drive the BMW on dirt or rocks, you should focus on all-terrain tires. Such tires can provide intense grip on rough surfaces.

The market also offers all-season tires which can easily handle daily driving conditions. Such tires have a tread design that offers balance on dry and wet pavements. You can also get both summer and winter tires based on your needs.


As you look for the best tire for a BMW, you should find out how a tire handles. Choosing one that provides better handling can give you more control over the car, especially when you are driving in scanty road conditions. Check the tread of the tire before paying for it. The best tire for such a vehicle should come with thicker treads and wider grooves since they can enhance handling in different conditions.


You should also choose a tire that is available in a wide range of sizes. This can make it easy for you to find the right fit for the BMW 528i. Most models have sizes that range between 15 and 22 inches.


Before you pay for a tire, you should find out details regarding the warranty it comes with. Most tires for the BMW 528i have warranties that can last between 2 and 4 years. Choose a tire that has a long-term warranty. Brands also offer warranty ranging between 30,000 and 50,000 miles.

Durability and comfort

Do not forget to consider these factors before purchasing a tire for the BMW. Find out the materials used in its construction and the features it contains to improve comfort. When a tire is made from quality materials, it can safely get you from one point to the next without sacrificing comfort. Quality materials can also help you enjoy using the tire for a long time.


What can damage tires on a BMW 528i?

Different factors play a role in the tire’s life. Exposing the tires to things such as grease or chemicals can damage them. Also, ignoring signs such as vibration and a change in handling can lead to further damage.

How can I take care of my BMW 528i tires?

Check the tires from time to time and always ensure that the pressure is at the right level. You should also rotate the tires every 5000 miles. Watch out for signs of tread wear.

How long can BMW 528i tires last?

This depends on your driving habits. If, for instance, you drive around 12000 miles a year, you should expect the tire’s tread to wear out in three years.


A BMW 528i can only perform well when you invest in quality tires. If you are ready to get a new one, focus on the models above. We have discussed some of the best tires for BMW 528i to help you make a more informed decision. Also, do not overlook the factors we have highlighted since they can help you choose the right model.

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