Best tires for BMW 335i sport package

Tires are a crucial component of a vehicle. If you own a BMW 335i sport package, you can enjoy riding it only if you invest in the best tires.

The best BMW 335i sport package leads to a comfortable and smooth ride. If you have been using old worn-out tires, you should make arrangements to replace them. The market offers some of the best tires that you can use on this vehicle. To find the best tires for this vehicle, you have to do a lot of research. We will review some of the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package to simplify your search. Apart from reviewing these tires, we will also give you a guide to follow before making the purchase. Enjoy!

A comparison table for the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package

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Firestone Firehawk Indy
25 lbs
Bridgestone Potenza S-O4
27 lbs
Yokohoma Avid Ascend
17.6 lbs
Hankook ventus V2
15 lbs
Milestar MS932
22 lbs

Reviews for the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package

Firestone Firehawk Indy-Well balanced and noiseless tires

best tires for the BMW 335i sport package

If you need all-season tires that you can use on BMW 335i, you should not overlook Firestone Firehawk Indy. One of the reasons they are among the best tires is that they are made using innovative technology. Since these tires use race-inspired technology, they offer a high level of traction performance.

The best tires for the BMW 335i sport package include silica, and Firestone Firehawk is no exception. It, therefore, offers a short stopping distance even when driving on wet roads. Apart from silica components, these tires also have carbon which enhances handling.

From the design, you can tell that the manufacturer spent considerable time on these tires. Firestone Firehawk Indy tires feature irregular tread patterns that enable them to deliver stability even when driving at high speeds. The tires also have a continuous center rib which enhances steering response. They also have a pulse groove channel which minimizes the risk of hydroplaning.

Since the manufacturer includes wide shoulders, the stiff tires offer dynamic cornering. Inside these tires are steel belts that come with a polyester casing and nylon reinforcement. These high tensile belts not only make the tires strong but also enhance their durability. You can depend on these tires when driving on both wet and dry pavements. Though Firestone Firehawk Indy is among the best tire for the BMW 335i sport package, it is not a winter tire. They can, however, give you a comfortable drive and work without producing a lot of noise that can be distracting during driving.

Once you start shopping for these tires, you can choose them from different sizes. Your purchase should also include a limited warranty for the tires. Choosing these tires for your BMW 335i sport package can help you get value for your money. This is because they deliver excellent performance at a cheaper cost.


  • They allow you to corner with confidence.
  • The pulse groove channel enhances water evacuation
  • These tires have a short stopping distance on slippery roads
  • They provide a comfortable drive
  • Work without producing a lot of noise


  • These are not winter tires

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Bridgestone Potenza S-O4-Summer performance tires

 BMW 335i sport package

The manufacturer of these tires did an excellent job in their construction. Bridgestone Potenza S-O4 tires are considered among the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package since they deliver excellent dry traction. If you would like to feel the rush of driving this car, you should consider installing these tires.

They come with great features that enhance balanced steering. As you approach corners, these tires still provide a stable grip so that you don’t have any difficulties. As part of the construction, Bridgestone Potenza tires come with silica. This filler material lowers rolling resistance and enhances grip while at the same time keeping wear constant. Since silica is a flexible and elastic material, it makes the tires perform well even when driving in winter conditions.

Bridgestone Potenza tires also come with an irregular tread pattern. The tread in a tire is the rubber on the tire’s circumference, which comes into direct contact with the ground. Since these tires feature high angled blocks, they can prevent your vehicle from getting stuck on different surfaces. The shoulder blocks also offer precision steering.

The unique tread blocks of these tires come with some parallel grooves, which enhance traction when driving on wet pavement. In addition, they allow instant pumping of excess water to prevent hydroplaning. With these tires, you don’t have to worry about excess water-lifting them from a road surface resulting in loss of traction.

Unlike tires that produce a loud noise, the manufacturers of this model minimize such issues. They achieve this by incorporating a different rib on the sidewalls of these tires. The included renoa silencer grooves are meant to prevent road noise. Since these tires are not noisy, they cannot cause any distraction when you are driving. The Bridgestone Potenza tires are versatile since you can use them on different vehicles, including the BMW 335i sport package. They can give you a comfortable driving experience.

These tires also have steel belts wrapped with aramid cord and nylon inside the tread. The belts add strength to these tires even at high speeds.  If you choose these tires, you can find different sizes that range from 16 and 20 inches. All the sizes have a Y-speed rating.


  • They deliver excellent traction on both wet and dry conditions
  • These tires are easy to control even when driving at high speeds
  • They respond well in hard corners
  • The tires do not produce road noise
  • Offer ride comfort


  • They have a short tread life

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Yokohoma Avid Ascend-All-season tires

 tires for BMW 335i sport package

Yokohoma is an international company well known for producing great tires. Investing in tires from this brand can give you confidence since you can be assured of getting the best. Yokohoma Avid Ascend works well in different seasons. These tires are easy to control in different kinds of weather. Even when you are driving in wet weather, these tires provide a great grip, and they don’t slip.

Many people choose these tires due to their excellent performance. These tires deliver comfortable and steady drives. Some people also praise these tires for their fast steer controls and perfect traction. When these tires are installed in the BMW 335i sport package, you can feel a difference in the way your vehicle drives. They loosen the steering wheel and make it easy for you to handle the vehicle. Even when you come across bumps, you will barely feel them.

Since the manufacturer of these tires uses advanced Triblend compound in its making, the tread life of these tires is longer. These tires also feature asymmetric tread structures, which enhance flexibility in different conditions. You will not feel any shock since the vibration level is absorbed during motions. You should consider buying these tires since they eliminate road noise and maneuver easily during driving.

Once you start using these tires, you need to maintain them properly so that they can give you service for longer. Ensure you check the air pressure at least once every month and clean the tires from time to time to prevent brake dust buildup.


  • They deliver excellent traction performance
  • Minimal chance of hydroplaning
  • Even tread wear
  • Optimized tread pattern


  • High price

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Hankook Ventus V2-They are budget-friendly

BMW 335i sport

If you need affordable tires for a BMW 335i sport package, you should consider this model. These are quality tires that can give you value for your cash. They are among the best tires for this vehicle since they offer a comfortable ride on different surfaces. One thing you will notice regarding the Hankook Ventus V2 is the stylish tread compound that uses silica. This not only enhances the traction level but also enhances the tire life.

The tires offer a great performance even when you are driving on a wet road. This is because they feature a V-shaped pattern and some wide straight grooves which can easily drain water from beneath. Some users are not impressed with the performance of Hankook Ventus V2 tires in winter conditions. This is because the tires may not offer the best grip despite 3D tread blocks and sipes.

When sipes are used in tires, they can improve stopping distances. These are meant to cool the tires by allowing air into the tread. They, therefore, minimize the buildup of heat which can be harmful to the tires.  If you are searching for tires that have a sporty appearance, the Hankook Ventus V2 is an ideal fit. They may not, however, give you the best performance under risky tackling.  For instance, you may experience some difficulties during hard cornering.

These are considered among the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package since they offer enhanced stability. Hankook Ventus V2 are all-season tires that offer excellent traction. These tires can also give you service for a long time since they are designed with durability in mind. The profile structure of these tires ensures that they have even contact on different surfaces even when you are driving fast. As part of the making, the manufacturer of these tires includes steel belts that enhance longevity. Since these tires use a noise care block, they don’t sound as loud as other models.


  • They offer great traction performance on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Excellent tread life
  • Minimal road noise
  • They feature nylon steel belts which make them sturdy.
  • Have an impressive V-shaped pattern design


  • They don’t perform well on deep snow surfaces.

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Milestar MS932-Attractive tread design

best tires for the BMW

In the motor industry, Milestar MS932 is a well-known model that is famous for its reliability. These are high-grade radial tires that deliver excellent handling. Milestar tires have a striking design that is made up of large tread blocks. They also come with rounded sidewalls. This design enables the tires to have a perfect grip over different paved roads. Due to the elegant appearance of these tires, they can make your BMW 335i look more sporty.

They deliver enhanced tread wear due to the use of silica. Unlike some models, Milestar MS932 tires make it easy to brake around hard corners. Thanks to the inclusion of multiple sipes and circular grooves on these tires, water evacuation under them is quite easy. They can therefore make it easy for you to drive in the rain without experiencing any issues.

You can also depend on these tires during light winter since they can still deliver excellent traction. These tires not only work well on twisty roads but also on hilly surfaces. Users reveal that they feel great even when driving at high speeds. Many users are impressed with these tires since they keep one in control even when driving in busy streets.  They can deliver a quick response during steering.

Though these tires offer a comfortable ride, they can be a bit loud. Since Milestar MS932 tires are available in more than 60 sizes, it is hard to lack an ideal size for your car. These tires also come at an affordable price.


  • Fast and responsive steering
  • Deliver excellent traction performance on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Provide a smooth drive
  • They are pocket friendly


  • These tires can be loud

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Buying guide for the best tires for BMW 335i sport package

Finding the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package may take time if you don’t know what to look for. You should let a professional check out your vehicle before you think of installing new tires. Assessing the vehicle can help cross out any issues before you proceed with buying new tires. Buying new tires for this car can also be challenging due to the different brands and models available. You need to pay attention to the following factors.

  • Type

As you look for the best tires for this vehicle, you should pay attention to the types available. Consider where you reside before making the decision. Pick the type of tire based on the weather conditions of your area. The market offers types such as summer tires, winter tires, and all-season tires.

If you often drive in areas with fluctuating weather conditions, all-season tires would be the most convenient option. Summer tires are also popular since they feature diverse tread patterns. They can also deliver excellent performance and enhance car handling in different areas. Ensure you choose the type of tire that fits your vehicle.

  • Compatibility

During your search for tires, you should also look for compatible ones with your vehicle. If, for instance, you have a BMW 335i sport package, you can choose from the models we have discussed above since they are compatible with this vehicle.

Also, pay attention to the tire size before purchase.  Check the codes on the sidewall since they are crucial as you purchase new tires. They include relevant information such as the speed rating, rim diameter, and load index.

  • Warranty

Every tire manufacturer should offer a certain warranty for this product. This can prevent you from spending more in case something happens to the tire.  Most tire manufacturers offer different types of warranties such as defect, road hazard, or tread. As you compare the different tires for the BMW 335i sport package, you should ensure that you choose one that has at least one of these warranties.

  • Cost

Before you start looking for the right tires for the BMW 335i sport package, it is also essential to determine how much you can afford for this car component. Tires for this car come in different sizes. The market offers both high and low-priced tires. Take your time to compare the cost of different tires so that you can choose a model that is within your budget. Do not go for the cheapest tires since they may not give you the best service.


Do BMW tires wear out easily?

This depends on the model that you go for. Quality BMW tires can go for a long time without wearing out. Ensure that a mechanic checks the suspension before installing such tires on your car.

When should I replace my current tires?

You should inspect your tires for any signs of wear and decide whether it is time to replace them. Good tires should last you up to 6 years. After this period, consider replacing them.

What does the speed rating indicate in new tires?

This shows how fast and safely the tires can go for a certain period. Paying attention to this can therefore help you figure out the kind of performance you should expect in certain tires.


Improve the performance of a BMW 335i sport package by getting new tires. These can make the car faster and easier to maneuver. Check out the best tires for the BMW 335i sport package that we have discussed and decide which tires can best suit your car.


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