Best spark plugs for BMW 328i (Reviews and Buying Guide)

To run your car’s internal combustion engine, you need good spark plugs, and we will look at some options for your BMW 328i.

Cars are a fascination for many people, especially when you examine their buildup and designs. However, these are not enough to make the car’s engine run and the car to move – the spark plug is the main component responsible for the job, despite its small size and unnoticeable placement.

BMW is among the leading car manufacturers in the market, and is quite popular due to its use of a strong body frame and highly refined, powerful engines. This means that getting the best spark plugs is an important task, to ensure the car operates efficiently while reducing the risk of breakdowns. We will delve into some of the best options you can find in the market, narrowing them down to 5 choices; and also some tips to help you select the best option you can find.

Best spark plugs for BMW 328i – Comparison table

Spark plug
Best for
Denso PK20TT Platinum spark plug
Value pick
NGK 6619 LFR6AIX-11 Iridium Spark plug
Best overall choice
BMW Bosch platinum spark plugs
Ease of installation
NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power spark plug
Low-voltage option
Bosch ZGR6STE2 Nickel spark plug
Best budget option

Reviews of the best spark plugs for the BMW 328i

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs – Best overall choice

spark plugs for BMW 328i

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs LFR6AIX-11-6 PCSNEW

  • Comes in a pack of 6 plugs, all made from iridium
  • Delivers up to 25% longer use compared to most spark plugs

When you are considering getting a spark plug, you want durability – and iridium is among the best materials to choose for a durable material. Similar to other NGK spark plugs, the 6619 iridium spark plugs are meant to provide maximum quality of service for as long as possible. Additionally, they include a very good warranty, showing that their manufacturer guarantees you the best product quality.

Since it comes in a multi-pack, it is great for when you need to replace several plugs at once, or store for later usage when you will need to replace the plugs you are using. The iridium in use will give you up to 25% longer usage time, which is more impressive when comparing to other premium-quality plugs made from platinum and other metals.

With that in mind, it costs twice as high as other spark plug types, although comparing it to other car components will reveal its affordability. However, you will not need to worry much about the price in the long term, because its excellent quality makes it a worthwhile investment that will keep your car running for years. Other than this, these spark plugs are also compatible with other car models aside from the BMW 328i, including Lexus ES and Subaru WRX.


  • Comes in a value-added pack of 6 plugs
  • It comes with a 100,000-mile warranty
  • Lasts longer compared to copper and platinum plugs
  • Increased efficiency due to the usage of a superfine electrode wire


  • Challenging to install

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Denso PK20TT Spark plug – Best in value for your money

Best spark plugs for BMW 328i

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug (Pack of 1)

  • Purified alumina powder insulator to enhance thermal conductivity and increase dielectric strength
  • Use of twin-tip technology alongside 11mm titanium-enhanced ground electrode and 11mm center electrode made from platinum

The ‘TT’ label in this case is an acronym for ‘Twin Tip’, as this spark plug has two tips: a titanium-enhanced alloy ground electrode tip, and a platinum center electrode tip. The innovative design approach uses the manufacturer’s Ignition Pug Technology, which was meant for newer plugs that could be useful in advanced car models like BMWs, Cadillacs, and Bentleys.

The plug comes at an affordable price, so you will not need to shell out much money, and it has a 100,000-mile warranty which is good news for low maintenance goals. Since it uses platinum alloy on its center electrode, it can comfortably maintain a 1.1mm diameter that enhances its service life, and the titanium alloy on the ground electrode tip goes a long way to improve durability. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion, so the spark plug can keep a larger spark even when it goes for thousands of miles.


  • Double spark tip designs to help in better fuel emission
  • Very good for biodiesel usage
  • Design promotes ultra-high resistance to heat and corrosion
  • Excellent value for money


  • May not suit all car models, as the plug is not made from iridium

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BMW Spark Plugs Platinum plug set – Easiest to install

spark plugs BMW 328i

BMW Spark Plugs Platinum, Plug Set Bosch OEM 12120037607 (pack of 8)

  • Direct fit, as it is a pre-gapped spark plug
  • An original Bosch product – ensure it fits your car’s specifications before purchase

This spark plug is in the form of a single platinum plug option, with its center electrode containing a platinum disc, and this makes it a good replacement plug for a variety of applications such as high-performance engines and high-efficiency cars.

The combination of the platinum electrode and four ground electrode tips allows it to generate powerful sparks when you start your engine. It also has unique anti-corrosion properties in its build, as well as an OEM-approved design – this means that the plugs incorporate numerous innovations and high-precision construction, resulting in a high-quality spark plug. It is also easy to install, thanks to its status as a pre-gapped spark plug.


  • Boosts your car’s mileage
  • Platinum material enhances efficiency and durability
  • Works very well for many BMW models
  • Relatively affordable as it comes in a set


  • It is a single platinum spark plug type

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NGK G-Power Spark Plug – Best for low-voltage use

 BMW 328i Best spark plugs

NGK (7090-4PK) BKR5EGP G-Power spark plug, Box of 4

  • G-Power platinum alloy boosts performance through promoting quicker starts, lower emissions and better fuel efficiency
  • Consistent stable sparks due to use of a 0.6mm laser-welded platinum tip

Numerous spark plug manufacturers will advertise their offerings as high-voltage options, which is understandably appealing. However, this is not always the case, as you can still use a low-voltage spark like this option without sacrificing energy efficiency and engine power.

Unlike most NGK plugs, this does not contain titanium or iridium – instead, it is a pure platinum plug. Since it uses a precision tip measuring 0.6mm in diameter, it will not require large voltages to create strong sparks, and it is durable because the tip does not get as hot.

This model aims to ignite fuel as efficiently as you would find in other spark plugs, and it does not require high energy levels from your car battery to do so. Although it is challenging to measure directly, the possibility of low-voltage use means that you can start your car in a situation where its battery power is low.

The additional advantage with using low-voltage plugs such as this is they will not require the engine to work an additional amount to produce electrical energy, which will also save on your fuel costs in the long term.


  • Saves plenty of fuel and power due to its low-voltage design
  • Is easy to start even in circumstances of low battery power
  • Improves your fuel economy


  • Tends to struggle when igniting dilute fuels

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Bosch ZGR6STE2 nickel spark plug – Best budget option

best bmw nickel spark plugs

Bosch ZGR6STE2 Copper with Nickel Spark plug, Pack of 1

  • Heavy-duty copper center electrode promotes performance and reliability
  • Nickel ground electrode has a tapered design for improved fuel ignitability and cold starts

If you want to boost your car’s cold starts and improve its efficiency in fuel ignition, you can consider getting the Bosch ZGR6STE2 spark plugs due to their nickel chromium ground electrode composition. Their core center also features a durable yttrium-enhanced copper core, which ensures great heat transfer (copper is an excellent heat conductor), as well as reliability and performance.

Due to the nickel-chromium exterior, the spark plug is highly durable as well, so you can use it comfortably for a long time. The nickel shell gives excellent protection against corrosion and other damages that may happen during use, and it will not require any gapping due to the ribbed insulator that reduces the chances of flashovers. In older vehicles, the plug can also increase mileage and overall performance, giving you value for your money.


  • May increase performance and mileage in your car
  • Durable due to its nickel and copper build
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Its factory set gap may be incorrect

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Buying guide of the best spark plugs for BMW 328i

What is a spark plug?

Cars are meant to convert energy sources to movement, through a process known as internal combustion. For the car to achieve this goal, the engine must find a method to release it, and it does so through the engine cycle. In the process of compressing the fuel and air, the spark plug comes in to supply the spark that is needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture, switch on the engine, and propel the car.

Spark plugs are therefore electrical devices that you can find in the engine’s cylinder head. The fuel your car uses (either gasoline or diesel) will go through an aerosol in the cylinder and undergo compression and ignition. They are small, but their positioning is close enough to allow enough electric currents to pass through them.

As a general rule, spark plugs are always comprised of highly durable materials, which allows them to withstand millions of explosions before you need to replace them. However, they do weaken over time, as corrosions and the explosions lead to weaker sparks, resulting in lower engine efficiency, failure of the engine to come on, or misfiring.

What are the advantages of using a high-quality spark plug in your car?

Since spark plugs are essential components of your car engine, there are several benefits to getting the best-quality ones. These include:

  • Maximizing of the fuel combustion efficiency. A good spark plug will increase engine performance instantly, and help the engine to utilize fuel properly.
  • It increases fuel efficiency. When choosing a spark plug, ensure you focus on its functionality and quality, because this will help save on both short and long term fuel expenses.
  • A good spark plug ensures your car gets a smooth and energetic start.
  • Reduces harmful emissions. When a spark plug is worn out or is poor quality, the fuel fails to undergo complete combustion, which increases the car’s emission of harmful gases.

Factors to consider when choosing the best spark plugs for a BMW 328i

The material

When going shopping for spark plugs, always keep their constituent materials in mind, as this will depend on your car’s needs. If you are in doubt, consult your owner’s manual, as this will specify the plugs you should use.

These materials are:

  • Copper: A copper plug is a good choice for older models that have a low-voltage ignition system, while improving your car’s fuel efficiency and horsepower in the short term.
  • Platinum: Platinum is also the best choice if you want to combine longevity, performance, and economy, as they operate at temperatures lower than copper plugs require. Due to this, they do not break down as quickly, and still provide performance enhancements in your car’s engine.
  • Double platinum: Aside from their platinum electrode, they have a platinum cap as well. This makes them more durable and efficient compared to regular platinum plugs.
  • Iridium: This offers the same benefits as platinum plugs but at a higher cost. They are also the best options if you want to achieve maximum horsepower, since they include the latest technologies that promote proper ignition of the fuel-air mixture.

Plug size

The nut or thread size is another important factor to consider, as this identifies the different spark plugs you will find on the market. If you drive in the United States, the usual nut and thread sizes are:

  • Nut: 20.63mm, thread: 18mm
  • Nut: 16mm/20.63mm, thread: 14mm
  • Nut: 17.5, 16, or 14mm, thread: 12mm
  • Nut: 16mm, thread: 10mm

These may differ in other countries, which you can find out from your owner’s manual or car dealership.

Heat range

If the plug specifications indicate it as a ‘hot’ plug, that means it is a better insulator of heat, while a ‘cold’ one is a plug that lowers its temperature by conducting more heat out of its tip.

In many circumstances, manufacturers will indicate the heat range using numbers; some brands will use ascending numbers for cold plugs, while others will use ascending numbers for hot plugs. Ensure you check with the plug manufacturer before buying the spark plug.

Gap styles

Many spark plugs will include unique engineering details in their spark gaps, which you can adjust through using a spark plug gap tool. You may find some spark plugs as suitable for several engines, which require different gaps, so you can use a gap gauge to find the best plug gaps and ensure the gap style works within this range.

Ease of installation

Certain spark plugs will have a pre-gap design, which allows you to install them in your engine without doing additional adjustments. This makes them ideal options if you want a plug-and-play style, although they may not be a deal breaker if you have some experience with turning wrenches.


When will I need to change my spark plugs?

This will depend on the mileage rating, which you can find out through your owner’s manual. Many car manufacturers will install ‘extended life’ spark plugs in their newer cars, as they are designed to last longer; usually, these have a lifespan rating of 100,000 miles.

With this in mind, it is very important to avoid allowing the spark plugs to go past their intended mileage, because they will lead to very expensive engine repairs.

How can I tell if my spark plug is operating at its optimal temperature?

Examining them for any changes is easier than you may assume – it only involves checking their color. If the spark plug is a grey or light tan color, that is an indicator that it is operating at the best temperature range, or that your car is in its best condition.

Will using a faulty spark plug lead to the Check Engine light turning on?

Yes, the indicator for the Check Engine functionality will turn on, which will alert you to check for any issues. In some cases, the indicator will flash, rather than turn a solid light color. If this happens, you or a professional mechanic should check the status of the spark plug.


It is important to get the best spark plugs for your car, regardless of whether it is a BMW 328i or another car model; and ensure the spark plug you choose is consistent throughout your engine. If you are changing several plugs, do so at the same time to increase the engine’s efficiency and overall car performance.

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