Best oil for BMW 328i (Reviews and Buying Guide)

The brand and type of motor oil you put in your BMW 328i engine will make a major difference to whether it will last for a short or long time.

For your internal combustion engine, motor oil is the most important component to its functioning. Choosing a good oil ensures the smooth operation of the engine, as it keeps the parts under lubrication even in conditions of high pressure and heat that can cause debris to clog the oil filters and breakdown of synthetic oils.

A BMW 328i is a sporty car, and can move at high speeds when operating at optimal efficiency. That means that choosing a high-quality engine oil is highly important, but this goal can prove difficult when you have so many engine oil candidates to choose. You may have experienced using the wrong oil that resulted in a poor driving experience, leading you to be hesitant about future choices.

However, you do not need to make mistakes when buying one, as long as you know what to look for. In this review, we outline five engine oils that prove worthwhile for your BMW 328i engine, as well as some guidelines to use when buying an engine oil.

Best oils for BMW 328i – Comparison table

Engine oil
Best choice for
Liqui Moly 2332 High-Tech 5W-40 engine oil
Best overall choice
Royal Purple 11748 High-Mileage motor oil
Older engines
Mobil 1 High-Mileage synthetic motor oil
High mileage engines
Castrol 03101 EDGE Advanced motor oil
Low mileage engines
Amsoil AZOQT-EA SAE 0W-30 motor oil
Low temperatures and higher mileage engines

Reviews of the best oils for BMW 328i

Liqui Moly 2332 5W-40 Engine oil – Best overall pick

5W-40 Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 5L 2332 5W-40 Leichtlauf High-Tech Engine Oil

  • Performance proved through turbochargers and catalytic converters
  • High lubrication reliability at low and high temperatures, rapid oil delivery at low temperatures

If this is your first time hearing of the Liqui Moly oil brand, you may wonder what makes it good enough to use in your BMW 328i engine compared to other famous engine oil brands. The biggest selling point is its price, which saves you a significant amount of money compared to similar-size brands. It is also economical in the long term because it comes in a 5-liter bottle, allowing you to get your engine oil in bulk.

The brand ensures that the oil offers high lubrication regardless of the temperature, and protects your engine parts from rust and wear. You can mix it with other oil types if you wish to, and BMW approves it as a replacement for their BMW Longlife-01 oil. It has a 5W-40 viscosity rating, so it will perform equally well in low and high temperatures, especially when you need to do a cold start.

The oil generally goes a long way to reducing engine buildups, and maximize fuel economy. Since it works well alongside turbochargers and catalytic converters, it will allow you to maximize your car’s performance without sacrificing other features like reduction of emissions.


  • Promotes better fuel consumption efficiency
  • Reduces wear in your engine
  • Works well in extreme temperature conditions
  • You can mix it with other oils
  • You can purchase it in bulk


  • None noted so far

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Royal Purple HMX SAE Synthetic motor oil – Best for older engines

 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple 11748 High-Mileage Synthetic motor oil HMX SAE 5W-30

  • Increases protection in your engine against LSPI
  • Impressive oxidation stability and extensive drain intervals

This oil will work for you if you want an alternative to the Liqui Moly engine oil, and is also an excellent option for high mileage goals. It gives high priority to safety and performance in almost every goal, surpassing even well-known engine oil requirements like ILSAC GF-6 and GM dexos1 in its aim to reduce wear in your engine.

What makes it stands out is primarily in reviving older engines that require additional rejuvenation and protection, as it protects old gaskets and seals to eliminate the risk of leakage. It also works excellently when removing old buildup, as well as eliminating the chances of new buildup occurring.

Since it has a 5W-30 viscosity, it has surprising effects on your fuel economy, even on par with 5w-20 oils. Because it reduces friction, it will optimize your fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Its use of an anti-wear additive relies on patented technology, which will reduce exhaust emissions greatly and reduce risks of white sludge – a problem that is quite common in engine oils that use a blend of ethanol and gasoline.


  • Good for engines with high mileage rating
  • Fixes old gaskets and seals to prevent leakage
  • Prevents and reduces buildups
  • Revitalizes old engines
  • Provides high protection against friction and wear


  • Does not lead to additional changes such as increase in responsiveness or horsepower

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Mobil 1 High Mileage motor oil – Best for high-mileage engines

Extended Performance High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30

Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage synthetic motor oil 5W-30

  • Designed for engines with more than 75,000 miles to go up to 20,000 miles between oil changes
  • Helps give your engine LSPI (low-speed pre-ignition) and improves fuel economy through chain wear protection

This option is the best offering from Mobil 1 for your BMW 328i, and is best for high-mileage engines as it is meant to remove old buildup and clean your engine after extended use. You can get it in two options; extended performance + high mileage, and extended performance.

It primarily works by controlling oxidation rates. It does this through preventing breakdown of the oil by lubricating the pipelines, allowing you to not worry about your engine getting contaminants. Its viscosity allows it to function optimally, with the maximum mileage being an impressive 20,000 miles.

The oil provides plenty of wear protection, as you would expect from a high-quality engine oil, due to its uniform-sized molecules. It also prevents deposits from forming in the pipeline, which are responsible for numerous throttling problems in older and high-mileage engines. The uniform molecules will also allow it to handle extremities in temperature easily, with its maximum temperature tolerance of 500 degrees and a low temperature threshold of -30 degrees.


  • Very good for a high-mileage engine
  • Cleans your engine parts and prevents deposits from forming
  • Extensive protection
  • Increases fuel efficiency and performance
  • Treats leakages


  • Not suitable for low-mileage engines

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Castrol 03101 EDGE full synthetic motor oil – Best for low-mileage cars

best motor oil for bmw

Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Advanced Full synthetic motor oil, 1 pack

  • Superior levels of engine protection compared to synthetic blend oils
  • Has certification from A3/B4, ACEA B4, ACEA B3, ACEA A3, and API SN/CF

Coming from the famous German company Castrol, the Castrol 03101 Edge full synthetic oil is among the best synthetic oils you can get as it is three times stronger than most synthetic oils. Its unique feature is its ability to perform well under adverse pressure conditions, thanks to its reliance on Titanium Fluid Strength Technology that changes its behavior when under pressure and reduce the stress on your engine.

It has a viscosity rating of 0W-40, which allows it to perform excellently in both low and high temperatures. It is a high-performance oil, so it will aim to maximize your engine performance to ensure the best speed and power your BMW 328i can produce. Since it keeps the engine fully lubricated at all times, it is a very good choice for a new BMW car that needs a low viscosity and high performance oil.


  • Promotes maximum engine performance
  • Excellent protection against engine wear
  • Excellent delivery, regardless of temperature
  • Very good for new engines thanks to its 42% deposit reduction


  • Its burn-off rate is not as efficient
  • Unsuitable for high-mileage engines

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Amsoil AZOQT-EA SAE 0W-30 motor oil – Best for low temperatures

bmw motor oil

Amsoil AZOQT-EA Signature SAE 0W-30 Synthetic motor oil

  • Allows for drainage intervals of up to 1 year, 700 hours, or 25,000 miles, depending on which comes first
  • Reduces the rate of wear on your engine

This is among the best options you can get if you want a synthetic oil for a turbo engine. It is a good choice for a high-mileage engine, although it cannot cater to a very high mileage – the maximum mileage it caters to is 25,000 miles, which is enough for a car that you run once in a while, while still retaining the health of your engine.

The lifespan of the engine increases, as the oil prevents oxidation by spreading a fluid film across the metallic surfaces in your engine and protect them at all times. This will also prevent the oil from breaking down even in tough conditions. In particular, it is among the best oils in cold starts, as it helps engines perform better even in low temperatures.


  • Cleans up your engine and prevents buildup
  • Very good for mid to high mileage rated engines
  • Very good performance in low temperatures


  • Not the best choice for a very new engine
  • Not the best option for very high temperatures

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Factors to consider when buying engine oil for your BMW 328i

All BMW cars have a unique engine design that uses precision engineering to give you a rewarding drive experience, as well as refinement and power while lasting for many years. All it requires from you is using high-quality engine oil, and some regular maintenance.

How can I decode oil specifications?

All modern engine oils will have specifications on their label, and it is important to know what these mean before buying an oil. The code may look something like: SAE 0W-40.

The SAE in the code is an acronym for the Society of Automotive Engineers, and this body is responsible for creating the standards of engine oil viscosity. The first number and W tell you the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures, while the second number tells you the viscosity at high temperatures.

For instance, in this case, the oil with a 0W-40 label is ideally designed to operate at wider temperature ranges compared to an oil with a 0W-20 label. Additionally, a 5W-30 specification works better if you drive in a warmer climate, compared to the 0W-40 oil that works better in low-temperature regions.

Factors to consider when buying an engine oil

BMW recommends that you use synthetic motor oil, although the specific oils change every few years as the company keeps making new partnerships. You do not need to use the oil that the company specifies, though, as this may prove quite expensive in the long term.

However, the company still recommends specific oil types and weight specifications from each manufacturer; and you can easily know if the oil manufacturer adheres to these standards as they will have a BMW-specification label on the rear of their bottle.

  • Check the SAE approval

BMW will recommend specific viscosity ratings for the engine, depending on its year of manufacture, mileage rating, emission necessities, region, fuel quality, and engine design – information you can find out in the owner’s manual. It is essential to stick to the ratings when looking to make an engine oil purchase, to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle.

  • Number of quarts

Different BMW engines will need different amounts of oil during each change, and this depends on their performance and size. For a smaller engine, you may need up to 5 quarts of oil, while a larger engine needs 7 or 8 quarts. You can find this information in the owner’s manual, or checking with your dealership.

  • Frequency of oil change

You may wonder why you will need to change your engine oil periodically, and the answer stems from two major issues. The first is the inevitable breakdown process of the oil in terms of its chemical structure, which happens due to the pressure and heat within a running engine. Over time, the oil loses its ability to operate the engine and lubricate its parts efficiently, which can result in engine damage unless you replace the oil.

The second issue is the debris that forms due to moving engine components creating friction as they rub against each other. The debris will clog the oil filter over time, as well as remaining in the oil; this results in engine wear over time if you do not change the oil.

To resolve both problems, always choose an oil that is good enough for the needs of your BMW 328i engine, and follow the recommended frequency of oil changes.

  • Viscosity

This is the resistance of a fluid to flow, and you can measure it by the thickness of the liquid at 0OF and 212OF. As a rule, motor oil will become runnier and thinner as it heats up, and thicker as it cools, so a thicker oil will have better lubrication abilities. If it has the right additives, it will not thin too much even in higher temperatures, allowing it to seal important engine components better.

On the other hand, the oil must still be within certain viscosity limits during colder weather, as it still needs to lubricate the moving engine parts. Excessive levels of thickness will make it harder to start the engine and reduce your fuel economy, as the engine needs more energy to turn its crankshaft. A synthetic oil has unique formulations that allow it to flow easily when cold, however, which make them ideal for most engines – including BMW 328i.


How often should I change my engine oil?

This depends on your car model, as it varies in different cars. For a BMW 328i, BMW recommends you change the oil every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. However, if you want the best protection and performance in your car, a general rule to follow is changing the oil after 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever will come first.

What does it mean to mix oils, and is it dangerous?

If your engine oil is low in volume, you will need to mix it under certain circumstances. You can mix two types of oils, but keep in mind that the performance of the engine will be significantly poorer – therefore, only use it as a last resort.

How many quarts of oil will I need for the BMW engine oil changes?

Many BMW engines will require between 5 and 8 quarts of oil, although this will depend on the size of the engine. The smaller the engine is the lower quantities of oil you need to change. If you are unsure, always check the owner’s manual to see the oil volumes you need.


Finding a good quality engine oil for a BMW328i is not an easy job, as you must ensure it works well with your car model. With that in mind, the options we have outlined should give you a good starting point to ensuring the full functionality of your engine without leading to damage from using the wrong oils.

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