Best BMW exhaust

If you own a BMW and are considering replacing the exhaust system, you should look for the best one. A good exhaust can increase peak power since it minimizes backpressure in the system.

Exhaust is a crucial part of a vehicle that can help the engine produce better noise and make the car more stylish. Getting the best BMW exhaust is, however, not that easy considering the numerous models available. That is where we come in. We can make shopping for the best BMW exhaust easy for you by reviewing quality models that many vehicle owners consider. Apart from that, we will review some of the most critical factors you should consider before making the purchase. Enjoy!

A comparison table for the best BMW exhaust

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Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Corsa exhaust
Stainless steel
Afe exhaust system
Stainless steel/ Aluminum steel
Dinan exhaust system
Stainless steel

Reviewing the best BMW exhaust

Magnaflow exhaust system-Best overall

Reviewing the best BMW exhaust

Magnaflow has been making exhaust systems for different types of vehicles since the 1980s.  This company is known for producing quality exhaust components that are worth buying. For instance, the Magnaflow exhaust system can restore the horsepower potential of your vehicle’s engine. This exhaust is made from high-flow stainless steel tubing. The construction ensures that it resists corrosion for a long time. This material is durable and remains the same even when exposed to grime or dirt.

It not only minimizes backpressure but also delivers higher exhaust scavenging for better efficiency and more power. This exhaust can lead to considerable gains in horsepower and torque. Most BMW owners that choose this exhaust also report a better feel under the vehicle’s pedal.

Once you buy this exhaust, you should expect it to come with mufflers that can help minimize harsh vibration. One of the things that make the mufflers effective is the inclusion of sound-absorbing material in them. This helps in filtering any dense sound. Apart from that, the mufflers feature a steel mesh core that is designed to maintain a consistent temperature for a better flow of gasses.

Compared to the stock exhaust, the Magnaflow exhaust system has fewer bends. It comes with MIG welds that overlap to create tight seals on the joint. This exhaust can easily bolt up to a BMW in less than 2 hours. It is easy to install since you don’t have to do cutting, welding, or drilling tasks. You only need to pay attention to the exhaust instructions once you remove the old system. Since the system comes with stainless steel tips, many users are also impressed with its sleek finished look. During the purchase, you should also expect a lifetime warranty for this exhaust. 


  • This can offer more power
  • It can also make your vehicle sound better
  • The stainless steel construction enhances longevity.
  • The parts bolt on smoothly.


  • Some customers are not impressed with the tone

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Borla Exhaust system-Has a million-mile warranty

 best BMW exhaust

Enhance your ride’s performance by replacing your current exhaust with a Borla exhaust system. The company behind this exhaust created a system that could withstand harsh winter elements such as salt. This exhaust system produces a loud exhaust sound that can capture people’s attention.

Borla is a quality exhaust that has components designed from stainless steel. It can therefore resist corrosion and rusting for a long time. The quality material used in this construction minimizes fatigue that is often incurred on different parts, even during high-performance use. Borla exhaust is also equipped with a high-flow muffler that can generate a throaty growl. This works well since it maintains maximum flow.

The manufacturer uses multi-core and straight-through technology to increase horsepower and torque. With this exhaust system, your engine’s horsepower can increase by more than 15%. Since the exhaust system is legal in most states, it cannot void your warranty once you install it in a BMW. The manufacturer also designs this exhaust with mandrel-bent tubing, which delivers a smooth flow. Since this system is meant to be bolt-on a BMW, you should not have a lot of difficulties during the installation. Some users, however, find the instructions hard to comprehend.

Borla Exhaust system comes in different configurations such as cat-back, X/Y/Down pipes, or rear section. During purchase, you can also choose it from different power combinations based on your preference. For instance, the Atak is known to be the loudest system, while the S-type offers a lot of straight back power and is not as loud as the ATAK system. On the other hand, the Touring system has more power and is the quietest operating exhaust from Borla.

This exhaust takes care of the emissions that a BMW produces. Since it features different designs, it can enhance exhaust velocity and move more air through the system. It can also boost fuel economy.


  • It can increase the car’s engine life.
  • Made from stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant
  • Comes with a million-mile warranty
  • It comes in different configurations


  • High cost

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Corsa exhaust system-Enhances fuel economy

BMW exhaust

The Corsa exhaust is also among the best BMW exhaust since it can lead to power gains and enhance fuel economy. Since this exhaust is made with power pulse technology, it prevents vehicle owners from experiencing an annoying sound. It offers a demanding tone that many BMW owners like. The tone is not only drone-free but also tuned to match the personality and style of your car.

Apart from the sound, this exhaust is among the best since it leads to increased horsepower. You can easily get custom designs of this exhaust based on the model of your car. Every exhaust from Corsa is designed thoroughly and tested to ensure that it can improve your car’s engine performance. Many BMW owners also choose the Corsa exhaust system since it is made with stainless steel. This is corrosion-free material that can enhance the durability of the exhaust. It can therefore prevent you from spending more cash replacing the exhaust after a short period.

This exhaust also comes with a mandrel-bent tube which is shaped to boost maximum flow. The shape also leads to limited backpressure. The best BMW exhaust features a muffler, and Corsa is no exception.  This feature utilizes reflective technology, which eliminates any undesired sounds. The muffler chambers are also made without packing material.

You can install this exhaust on your car without any assistance. You only need some common tools to achieve this. The exhaust system includes hardware and instructions that can help you install it from the comfort of your home. Corsa exhaust is also available in various sound profiles based on your car. They include extreme, touring, and sport.

This BMW exhaust also comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. One of the things that discourage some vehicle owners from buying this exhaust is the high cost. If you are on a precise budget, you should consider some of its alternatives.


  • This leads to increased horsepower
  • Made from quality materials
  • No resonance
  • Mandrel-bent tubing promotes the maximum flow


  • The company does not offer exhausts for some of the car models

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Afe exhaust system– Popular for cold air intakes

afe power exhaust system

Consider arming your BMW with this exhaust system. Afe exhaust comes in either the stainless steel kit or the aluminum steel kit. If you drive in wet and salty conditions, choose the stainless steel kit since this can easily resist corrosion. For people on a budget, the aluminum steel kit is an ideal fit since it is cheaper.

The good thing about the Afe exhaust system is that it gives your ride more power. This is a high-caliber system that can extract hot gas from a car’s engine effectively. It is designed with mandrel-bent tubing, which facilitates easy flow and enables the vehicle to move more effortlessly. This exhaust is also equipped with low restriction mufflers, which help in keeping exhaust gas temperature low.

This is a cat-back exhaust system that can easily deliver cool air to your vehicle’s engine. Many car owners also find this exhaust to be good-looking. It is a quality exhaust that also provides good sound. Its smooth bends allow low turbulence and enhance throttle response. The package includes band clamps that promote complete sealing to eliminate any leak paths. You should also expect the purchase to come with a two-year warranty.


  • Good sound
  • Made from quality materials
  • Installing it is a breeze


  • It has a short term warranty compared to other exhaust systems

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Dinan exhaust system-It is versatile

Free Flow Exhaust

Unlike some manufacturers that limit exhaust systems to only a few BMW models, Dinan does not. This exhaust is available for different BMW models. The manufacturer has been producing innovative exhaust systems for a long time. Buying an exhaust system from such a reputable brand can therefore give you confidence.

It is a free flow exhaust that can enhance exhaust flow by minimizing backpressure. Less backpressure, in turn, leads to increased power output. By getting this exhaust, you can also enjoy an awesome sound. For instance, when you accelerate a car installed with this exhaust, it can produce an aggressive or loud noise.

Rather than using a stock exhaust system, you should consider this BMW exhaust since it has less weight and is solidly constructed. The problem with a stock exhaust system is that it can restrict gas flow from a vehicle’s engine. You can get a different experience by installing the Dinan exhaust system.

This is made with stainless steel, and it can liberate the car engine. Many car owners choose this exhaust system since it is highly efficient. Since this exhaust uses the factory brackets as well as hangers, it offers precision installation. Once you buy this exhaust for your vehicle, you should expect a two-year warranty for it.


  • It is easy to install
  • Available for different BMW models
  • Great sound
  • It is solidly constructed


  • Limited warranty

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Buying guide for the best BMW exhaust

Every exhaust system provides a certain level of performance and sound. If you need an exhaust for a BMW, you will come across different options. You should find out how these exhausts differ and know the key considerations to make when choosing one. This can help you choose the best BMW exhaust that is an ideal fit for your vehicle. Start by pay attention to the following factors.


You should be keen on how an exhaust is made before paying for it. The best BMW exhausts are made from stainless steel. This is a good material in an exhaust system since it is less susceptible to corrosion and rust. The market also offers some exhaust systems that are made from a combination of aluminized steel and stainless steel. Such exhausts are also durable and boost the overall performance of an exhaust. When you choose a solidly built exhaust, it will still look good even when exposed to different elements such as grime, dirt, or moisture.


Going through other customer reviews can also help you find out how easy and exhaust is to install. The best BMW exhaust should not give you a hard time when it comes to installation. You will require some basic tools to install one, such as socket wrenches and a hacksaw to remove the old exhaust. Many BMW owners prefer installing new exhausts on their own to save some cash.

A good exhaust should come pre-bent to boost installation. This makes it easy to fit in the vehicle, preventing you from welding or heating pipes. Once you get rid of the current exhaust, take your time to go through the instructions before installing the new BMW exhaust.

Sound and performance

The best exhaust for your vehicle should be able to reduce back pressure. This can lead to better fuel economy and power gains. You should also choose an exhaust system that can minimize any unpleasant noise. Most of the good exhaust systems give the engine a throaty sound.


Exhausts for BMW vehicles come in different forms. You should understand the types before proceeding with individual models. Some of the types available include cat-back, turbo-back, and single side. A cat-back exhaust comes with a muffler, rail tailpipe, and resonator. If you don’t feel the need to replace the catalytic converter, you should choose this type of exhaust for your vehicle. The catalytic converter is a crucial component that minimizes pollution and the smell from the emission system.

Apart from the cat-back exhaust, you can also consider the single side system, which uses a single exhaust pipe. This type can easily transfer gasses from the manifolds to the rear part of a car and into the air. A single-side exhaust system is different from a dual exhaust with two popes for gas transfer.

The last type of exhaust system that some car owners consider is the turbo back. This is ideal for a vehicle whose engine has turbochargers. The exhaust system can transfer gases from the turbocharger’s outlet to the car’s rear part and into the air.


Besides understanding the types of exhaust systems, you should also consider choosing an exhaust from a well-known brand. Companies such as Magnaflow have managed to earn a great reputation due to producing effective exhausts for BMWs. Choosing an exhaust from a well-known brand can minimize the chances of getting a poor quality system.


Vehicle owners also have different budgets when looking for such car components. Before buying an exhaust, you should compare the prices of different models. This can narrow down the search based on how much you are willing to spend on an exhaust system. Most cheap exhausts only come with essential parts such as clamps and pipes. They mostly lack mufflers. Single side and cat-back exhaust systems are more expensive and may include mufflers. If you need a more equipped exhaust system, you may have to pay more since most of them come at a high price.


How can I find the right fit for my BMW?

You should be keen on your vehicle’s specifications. Focus on things such as the model, engine size, and year, for you to find the right BMW exhaust.

Does installing a new exhaust void my car’s warranty?

This does not happen in most cases. If the exhaust system damages another car component, it will void the vehicle’s warranty.


BMW owners should invest in the right exhaust system. A good exhaust can set your car apart from other vehicles. This is because it can make your vehicle produce an awesome sound even before it is seen. You need to choose an exhaust that can facilitate the proper flow of air in and out of the engine. Such an exhaust can help produce greater torque and power.  We have discussed the best BMW exhaust from well-known companies to simplify your search. Check them out and choose the right fit for the BMW. Good luck!

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