Best bike rack for BMW 3 series

Are you planning on going on a cycling trip away from home? If yes, you need to consider getting a bike rack for a BMW 3 series.

This device attaches to your vehicle to help you transport your bike to the desired destination. Bike racks can help you save car space. Once you start searching for a rack, you will come across numerous models. This review is for you if you are confused about which rack to buy for the BMW 3 series. Read on!

A comparison table for the best bike rack for BMW 3 series

Maximum weight capacity
Call to action
Pro series – Q slot hitch
90 lbs
Thule passage rack
105 lbs
G3 trunk mount rack
105 lbs
Heininger advantage sportsrack
90 lbs
Cargoloc bike rack
90 lbs

Reviewing the best bike rack for BMW 3 series

Pro series-Q slot– Best overall

Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier

Placing an unrestrained object that is so big inside the cabin of your car is quite dangerous, especially when you are not traveling alone. It not only affects the vehicle’s interior but also the finish of your bike. This rack can prevent you from using your car’s interior since it allows you to carry the bike outside the vehicle.

It is a convenient rack that allows you to strap your bike in a few seconds. Even if you have never used a bike rack before, you will find the hitch carrier easy to use. You can mount it to the trailer hitch to make it more secure. The Q slot comes with some cushioned hooks that can help you secure more than one bike.

Apart from the easy assembly, adjusting the available wheel slots is also a breeze. One reason the Pro series – Q slot hitch is considered among the best rack for BMW 3 series is its construction. Since this is made using sturdy materials, you can use it for a long time due to its enhanced durability. The manufacturer also makes it with a powder coat finish to prevent it from rusting. Most customers are also impressed with the design of this bike rack. It looks good and can add class to your BMW 3 series.

It also features a rise shank that offers more road clearance. Since this bike rack contains rear reflectors, it increases visibility at night and enhances safety. If you choose to buy this bike rack, you should ensure that you also get a lock for the bikes and the rack. The manufacturer of this bike rack offers excellent features and ensures that the rack performs as expected. In addition, you can get this rack at a reasonable price. Your purchase also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Well built
  • The rack looks good
  • This rack comes at a fair price
  • It has a powder coat finish which prevents it from rusting


  • Some uses report that the vertical bar is loose

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Thule passage rack-Has enough space for more bikes

bike rack for BMW 3 series

Whether you need a 3 or 2 bike rack option, you can get it from this brand. The manufacturer of this bike rack gives you the chance to bring along more than one bike during adventures. This is a value-priced rack that is equipped with lots of useful features. Thule passage is a trunk mount rack designed with patented FitDial, which leads to simple installation. FitDial ensures that this rack can fit the BMW 3 series perfectly and offers your bikes maximum safety as you move them.

Use the six available straps to secure this bike rack on your car. It also comes with vinyl coated buckles which can offer a firm hold as you bring along the bikes. This bike rack also has a soft cushion that protects the hatch and trunk areas of the car from damages like scratches.

The bike rack is also equipped with anti-sway cages and soft rubber cradles, which protect your bikes during transportation. The anti-sway cages also ensure that your bikes don’t come into direct contact with the vehicle. Since it also comes with some narrow cradle arms, this bike rack can hold numerous bikes that have different frame sizes and styles securely throughout transit.

The included stay put cradles also protect the frame of your bike even when you are riding your vehicle in different driving conditions. Once you are done using this rack, you can store it with ease, thanks to the inclusion of arms that fold down.

Apart from the numerous features, the Thule passage rack also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This covers the rack against defects in workmanship and material. The packaging of this rack comes with detailed instructions that you should use during mounting.


  • The anti-sway cages protect the bikes during transit
  • It can hold up to 3 bikes
  • It is a durable bike rack
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can protect your car from scratches


  • The rack is not ideal for heavy steel-framed bicycles

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G3 trunk-mount rack -it is budget-friendly

G3 trunk-mount rack

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that likes maintaining an active lifestyle? If yes, you should always bring your bike with you every time you travel. This bicycle rack comes from a reputable manufacturer that is known to produce reliable products. The company has been creating premium car accessories since the 1970s.

G3 trunk-mount rack can help you carry up to three bikes on your BMW 3 series. It is among the best bike racks for such cars since it is made using high-quality materials. You can therefore depend on this bike rack for many years since it is designed with durability in mind.

The manufacturer also uses advanced technology in its making. G3 trunk-mount rack can easily meet your needs and even help you save some cash since it comes at an affordable price. This bike rack is also great at securing your bikes and keeping them safe during transportation. Since it has a universal fit, it can help you secure even a big bike.

A good bike rack for BMW 3 series should be easy to mount. That is what most users of this model report. G3 trunk-mount rack comes with six long-lasting straps and fixing buckles that enhance stability during use. They also make it easy to take off the bike once you get to your destination.

The installation process can take you about twenty minutes. When you mount the bike rack, the available resealable arms are designed to minimize space. Once you buy this bike rack, you will get a three-year warranty which covers defects in workmanship and material. The warranty will not apply if the rack is subjected to mishandling or neglect.


  • It has a universal fit
  • The bike rack comes from a reputable brand
  • It can hold up to three bikes safely
  • Made using quality parts
  • It comes at a reasonable price


  • Some users report that bikes on this rack tend to bounce on the road

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Heininger advantage sports rack – Has a foldable design

Heininger advantage sports rack

Bringing a bike with you when going for a vacation tour can help you keep fit during the holidays. If you are planning to ride a BMW 3 series, you should get a rack that can help you move one or two bikes with ease. That is where the Heininger advantage sports rack comes in.

Many people choose it since it is easy to assemble and comes in a simple design. You should be able to install the rack and secure your bikes in a few minutes. It comes in a padded frame that cannot scratch the vehicle’s finish. You can tell how keen the manufacturers are on details. They, for instance, add four foam pads to this bike rack to offer extra protection.

Thanks to incorporating the simple release lever, you can fold this rack flat after use for easy storage when you are not using it. It is also coated with a black powder finish, which allows the rack to withstand even harsh weather conditions.

The bike rack also contains some soft rubber straps that ensure that you secure the bikes safely. Even when driving on rough surfaces, the bikes will not fall over and damage your car. Since the accessories included in this rack are made using advanced technology, you should expect to get a quality bike rack that can give you value for your cash.


  • It folds flat for easy storage
  • The release lever enhances setup
  • Has enough room for three bikes
  • It is long-lasting
  • The finish makes it weather resistant


  • The bike rack comes with a short term warranty

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Cargoloc bike rack– Its design enhances stability

 Trunk Mount 3 Bike Carri

Keep your bikes safe during transportation by getting a quality rack for BMW 3 series. Cargoloc has been making automotive strapping products for decades now. This brand designs its products with versatility and performance in mind. Once you buy this Cargoloc bike rack, you can be sure that your bike will not shift while driving since it is designed to secure such cargo safely.

This bike rack is constructed using high tenacity polyester, which makes it strong and resistant to tear and abrasions. According to most customers, this bike rack is a durable product. It can withstand even harsh weather conditions and give you excellent service for years. It also has rubberized cradles, which add extra gripping power. To enhance stability, the manufacturer also includes a double arm design in this bike rack.

Since this bike rack has a universal fit, you don’t have to worry about not fitting some of the bike frames. Cargoloc bike rack also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Most customers are also impressed with the affordable cost of this bike rack.

If you wish to start cycling, this bike rack is an ideal choice that can help you save some cash. Though it is not perfect, it can easily get the job done. Installation should also not be hard. Unfortunately, the packaging does not include instructions. You can, however, find useful guidelines on how to mount such bike racks from online sources.


  • It can carry three bikes
  • Has solid construction
  • The bike rack is easy to assemble



  • It does not have very good locking parts.

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How to find the best bike rack for BMW 3 series

If you enjoy cycling, you should always look for a way to carry your bike, even when you are on the go. A good bike rack can simplify this since it prevents you from using the space in your trunk, which you can use to carry other essential items. You have to take your time to find the best one since a poorly made one can damage your bike or even the vehicle. You can find the best bike rack for this vehicle by considering the following.


Once you start shopping for a bike rack for BMW 3 series, you will come across different types. Understanding how the types of bike racks differ should be your starting point. Some of them include hitch carriers, roof mounts, and trunk mounts. If you need an easy-to-load bike rack for your vehicle, you can choose a hitch carrier. This type of bike rack is famous since it has a lightweight build and comes with premium features such as built-in locks. Most customers choose this type of bike rack since it is versatile.

Trunk mounts are also popular bike racks that many BMW owners choose. This type attaches to the rear part of a vehicle. You can attach this type of bike rack using certain straps. Though it is pocket-friendly, you may need some assistance to attach this type of bike rack to your car. Despite this, truck mounts are convenient to use and are highly portable. Such a type may, however, lack some crucial features such as a locking mechanism.

The market also offers bike racks that come in the form of roof mounts. This is an upright mount that is designed to attach to the top part of your car. Though this type can also help you secure your bike, it is expensive and can be less stable.

Number of bikes you wish to transport

Apart from focusing on the type of bike, you should also assess your needs. Determine the number of bikes you would like to transport before choosing a bike rack for the BMW 3 series. You should not stack a bike on a rack that cannot handle the pressure. While some bike racks can only handle a single bike, the market also offers racks with enough room for 2 or 3 bikes.

Every bike rack comes with a particular number of cradles. You should choose a rack that can match the task at hand. Also, check the rack’s maximum load capacity before purchasing one. Most bike rack manufacturers show the weight per bike. Being keen on such details can prevent you from disappointments once you are ready to use the bike rack.


This is another crucial factor you should never overlook as you search for an ideal bike rack for the BMW 3 series. Look at the level of security that a bike rack offers before paying for it. Some advanced models come with anti-theft features, such as a locking system that can prevent a thief from stealing your bikes when on transit.

The effectiveness of the security feature a bike rack has depends on how you install it. If you have never installed a bike rack before, pay more attention to the instructions or get assistance so that you can secure your bikes properly.

Fuel economy

Are you cautious about the amount of money you spend on fuel when traveling? If yes, you have to choose the right bike rack. A roof rack would not be an ideal option since it can make you spend more money on fuel. Choosing a rear rack is more economical since this option does not consume so much fuel.


Can a bike rack damage your car?

This depends on the model you choose. Some of the bike racks are not the best since they can scratch the paint of your car.

Can I fit an electric bike on a bike rack?

Due to the dimensions and weight of an electric bike, you should avoid fitting in on a regular bike rack.

Is the BMW 3 series a great family car?

Yes. This is a high-performing model that is brilliant to drive. It is a great family vehicle that is not only stylish but also practical.


The bike rack you choose for a BMW 3 series should lead to smooth transportation and prevent any risk of damaging the bike or the vehicle. We have reviewed the best bike rack for BMW 3 series to give you an idea of where to start. Once you have found the right bike rack for your vehicle, check the factors we have highlighted to determine whether it can help you fulfill your needs. Enjoy cycling!

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