Best battery for BMW r1100rt

Do you own a BMW r1100rt? You need to ensure that it has quality components to enjoy riding it. One of the crucial parts of such a motorcycle is the battery.

If the battery in your BMW r1100rt is faulty, you should consider replacing it with a new one to boost the performance of your motorcycle and your overall riding experience. Finding a battery that can fulfill the power needs of a BMW r1100rt is, however, not that easy. With so many models available, the search can feel overwhelming. We can make things easier since we will review the best battery for BMW r1100rt. We will also help you understand how to choose the right battery for this motorcycle. Read on!

A comparison table for the best battery for BMW r1100rt

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Bikemaster True
Gel battery
Metra battery
Mighty max battery
Powerstar power sport battery

Reviewing the best battery for BMW r1100rt

Bikemaster True-Solid construction

the best battery for BMW r1100rt

Bikemaster is a famous brand that offers quality elements for motorcycles. This brand produces great batteries that can enhance the overall performance of a motorbike. One of the popular options that many motorcyclists choose is Bikemaster true gel.

Unlike conventional models, this battery comes in a unique design. The manufacturer uses high-grade materials in its making. Before this battery is marketed to consumers, it has undergone numerous performance tests. It utilizes a gel electrolyte that offers high cranking amps. Since this battery can maintain contact with different plates at all times, it provides more cranking power.

It is a gel electrolyte battery that has a better lifespan compared to a wet battery. Instead of using wet batteries, you should consider using a true gel battery since it can easily resist impacts and vibration without getting damaged. This is considered among the best batteries for BMW r1100rt since it works well at both high and low temperatures. You can also install this true gel battery at any angle.  Even if the case develops a crack, this battery will not leak like a wet battery.

Once you purchase this battery for the BMW r1100rt, you should expect it to come with a one-year warranty. If, within this period, the battery fails, the manufacturer will provide a replacement part. The warranty will not apply if you installed the battery improperly or misused it. Once you get this battery for your motorcycle, ensure you follow the instructions keenly to install it.


  • It works great
  • The battery comes at an affordable price
  • It does not spill even if it cracks
  • You can install it at any angle


  • The battery has a limited warranty

Metra AGM battery– It is long-lasting

long lasting battery

Do you need a budget-friendly battery for your BMW r1100rt? If yes, you should consider Metra AGM. This is an affordable battery from a popular brand known as Metra. The company has been producing user-friendly products for over 70 years. Due to the many years of experience, choosing a battery from this brand can assure you of a quality product.

Metra AGM battery is made using advanced technology to deliver an excellent performance. It has adequate power to run the BMW motorcycle. It is more advanced compared to gel batteries. The electrolytes of this battery are absorbed in fiberglass or polyester plates. The electrolyte is therefore evenly distributed throughout this AGM battery regardless of the angle that it is at. Even when the motorcycle is not upright, this battery prevents any spilling or leakage.

This battery not only features premium quality but also meets industry standards. You can recharge and discharge this battery fully numerous times without any problems. This battery recharges efficiently due to how the electrolyte is distributed. If you properly take care of this battery, it can give you service for many years.

Since this battery is based on the absorbed glass mat technology, it can resist excess heat. It also has 230 crank amps. One of the reasons this battery is considered among the best for the BMW r1100rt motorcycle is that the cells remain in a compressed state inside the housing. The Metra AGM battery is smaller than conventional lead-acid batteries and handles vibration much better. It enables you to ride the motorcycle off-road smoothly.

Many customers also choose this battery since it offers enhanced cycling performance. In addition, Metra AGM is a totally sealed battery that is maintenance-free. You, therefore, don’t have to keep on checking the fluid level from time to time.

The best battery for BMW r1100rt should be easy to mount, and Metra AGM will not give you a hard time. Like other batteries, this model comes with a one-year warranty which includes material and workmanship. Unfortunately, this does not cover a misused battery.


  • It is affordable
  • The battery is maintenance-free
  • It can resist excess heat and vibration
  • The battery comes from a reputable brand
  • It is easy to mount


  • It has a short term warranty

Mighty max battery-It is versatile

versatile battery for BMW

This battery will consistently deliver enough power to your motorcycle when you require it. It is a gel battery that is compatible with the BMW r1100rt. The gel battery keeps the electrolyte in a gel state. This electrolyte is a solution made up of distilled water and sulfuric acid. Many people choose this battery since it is easy to maintain. It does not need the addition of water during use. This is a true deep cycle model that can easily be mounted in any position.

When you charge this battery for BMW r1100rt, no corrosive fumes can escape the case like a conventional lead-acid battery. It processes gases within the battery. Mighty max battery is not only ideal for the motorcycle, but it can also work in a garden tool or an access control device. This is a factory-activated battery that is ready to use. Its advanced design enables it to start working right out of the box.

Many motorcyclists are also impressed with the high performance of this battery at both low and high temperatures. Mighty max battery is a long-lasting model that can easily resist vibration and shocks. It can therefore boost your riding experience even when you are riding the motorcycle on rough surfaces. In addition, this battery is not susceptible to corrosion.

If you choose this battery for your motorcycle, you should avoid overcharging it since it can get damaged from this. Overcharging it can dry out the electrolyte paste creating pits in the gel and degrading its function. Instead, consider buying a special charger for this battery to maintain it in top-notch condition. This battery is also impressive since it can endure extended storage periods better than regular flooded batteries.

Once you purchase the mighty max battery, you should expect a one-year warranty for it. The manufacturer gives you up t0 30 days to test this battery on your motorcycle. If you are not impressed with its performance, you can get a refund within this period. Since this is a quality battery, not many customers use the refund policy. This battery is one of the best for BMW r1100rt since it comes at a pocket-friendly price and gives one value for their cash.


  • It is easy to install
  • The battery comes at a reasonable price
  • It can resist vibration and shock
  • Performs well at different temperatures
  • It has a long life
  • This battery offers enhanced charging stability


  • It can get damaged from overcharging it.

Powerstar power sport battery-It is spill-proof

spill proof battery

This is also among the best batteries for BMW r1100rt since it is maintenance-free. With this battery, you don’t have to keep on adding water or checking the electrolyte’s gravity. You can easily replace an OEM battery with this model.

The manufacturer of Powerstar implements an excellent sealing technique in its making to prevent electrolyte leakage. Its unique construction promotes efficient operation and prevents corrosion. Like other models, you can operate this battery in any position without the loss of electrolytes or capacity.

Powerstar is one of the non-spillable batteries that meet industry standards. It is also based on the AGM system. This battery, therefore, uses fine mat separators. As a result, the adequate electrolyte is absorbed to provide steady service. The AGM system is considered superior in batteries since it prevents electrolytes from escaping from the separator, which often leads to leakage.

The unique design of this battery also makes it stand out among conventional models. This design can regulate gas generation effectively and enhance the recombination of gas produced during normal use. In addition, the Powerstar battery offers reliable and stable performance.

Unlike some models, this battery can withstand over-discharge and overcharge. Most users also reveal that it withstands shock and vibration well. This battery for motorcycles comes with a 2-year warranty. If the battery stops functioning within this duration, the manufacturer can replace it for you at no extra cost. Apart from being a motorcycle battery, Powerstar can also be used in vehicle types such as watercraft or snowmobile.


  • It has a long life
  • The battery is leak-free
  • It comes in a sealed design that prevents it from rusting
  • It is maintenance-free


  • This battery does not hold a charge for very long

Powersonic battery– It is inexpensive

the best battery for BMW

As you search for the best battery for BMW r1100rt, you need to focus on the construction. Many customers who end up buying this model are impressed with how it is made. The manufacturer designs this battery using absorbent glass mat technology. Batteries that use the AGM technology are known for their superior performance, and this model is no exception. In addition, this battery can give a motorcycle increased power.

Powersonic is a valve-regulated battery that features a spill-proof construction. Since this is completely sealed, it is safe and does not subject you to acid handling. You can operate it safely in any position. Apart from being a motorcycle battery, you can also use this model on other appliances such as garden tools, solar, or golf carts.

It is a rechargeable battery that can resist vibration and shock. The battery comes ready to use and has a simple installation process. Once you put this battery in the motorcycle, you can start using it instantly. Once you invest in this battery for motorcycles, you will get a 1-year warranty. 


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It is easy to install and use
  • The battery can resist extreme vibration
  • It delivers an excellent performance


  • Some users are not impressed with its short life.

How to find the best battery for BMW r1100t

Is your motorcycle battery dead? If yes, you need to replace it with a new one. This is a crucial part since it can help you start the motorcycle. In addition, it can provide the engine with the power that it needs to work properly. Before you start choosing a battery for this motorcycle, you should pay attention to the following factors.


Motorcycle batteries come in different types that you should know. For example, while some of the batteries for BMW r1100t are lead-acid, others are AGM batteries. The market also offers other types of batteries for this motorcycle, including gel electrolyte and lithium-ion. Understanding how these types differ can help you choose the right one for your bike. For instance, gel electrolyte batteries are known to be highly stable and maintenance-free.

If you need an efficient and durable battery for the BMW r1100t, you should look for an AGM battery. Apart from lead plates, this battery features absorbent mats, which enhance their performance. Lead-acid batteries are among the oldest type of batteries that are still common today. If you are on a tight budget and need a cheap battery for the BMW r1100t, you should focus on this type.

Though lead-acid batteries are inexpensive, you have to keep on topping them off with distilled water to prevent the lead plates from internal damage and replenish the electrolyte. If you need a lightweight battery for the motorcycle, you should be keen on a lithium iron phosphate one. This type is not only less cumbersome but also safer than other types.


Apart from knowing the different types, you should also pay attention to the cost of motorcycle batteries before spending your cash. The cost of batteries for BMW r1100t differs from one model to another. Take your time to compare the cost of different batteries to find one that you can comfortably afford. In as much as you would like to save, do not forget to choose a high-quality battery that can give you excellent service for a long time.


You should also be keen on the size as you shop for a battery for the BMW r1100t. Do not buy a battery that is too small or too big. As you order the battery, you should specify important details such as the year of the motorcycle. Also, be keen on numeric naming to find an ideal size.

Amp hours and Cranking amps

Every motorcycle battery comes with certain figures that show cranking amps as well as amp hours. These are crucial measures that can help you assess the battery power. For example, cold-cranking power is often indicated as CCA. This shows the current output that a battery can deliver when it is fully charged.  Amp hours, on the other hand, show the battery capacity over a certain duration. Therefore, you should choose a battery with high numbers.

Construction and durability

The manufacturers of batteries compatible with BMW r1100t use different materials in their construction. Find out how a battery is constructed since this can determine how long it can last. Choosing one made from high-quality materials can help you enjoy using it for many years with minimal issues. The best battery for BMW r1100t can even last for five years without needing replacement. Such a battery will not only save you time but also money in the long run.


What can make the battery of my motorcycle die?

Batteries die due to different reasons. Some of them include inadequate maintenance, corroded battery terminals, the passage of time, or malfunctioning charging system.

Can I utilize the car charger on a bike’s battery?

Not always. This depends on the amperage output and charging modes.

Can I use a new motorcycle battery without charging it first?

Yes. But this is not advisable. You should first charge it fully and test it before you start using it.


The battery of a motorcycle determines how well this device can perform in different weather conditions. Since batteries for the BMW r1100t are not the same, you have to compare them to find the right one for your bike. We have simplified things for you by reviewing the best battery for BMW r1100t. Apart from paying attention to the individual reviews, you should also check out the buying guide above before making your final decision.

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