Bavsound Review

The Bavsound stage one speaker upgrade kit comes equipped with all the necessary components ranging from the center channel, the center channel tweeter, the front door midranges, the rear midranges, the front door tweeters, and the rear tweeters.

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s sound system then the Bavsounds upgrade kit should suffice. Bavsounds woofers are 10db+ louder thus motorists can expect twice the loudness. The above is, however, a concern for many as the music might inadvertently come out as too bass-heavy. So, what you need to understand first is that it depends on the kind of music that you are listening to, secondly, you could use the equalizer and tweak the unit to compensate for the high efficiency of the subs.

So, as you plan to undertake a complete overhaul of your car’s sound system, you can be sure that the bass will hit hard, while the mids and the highs will be well isolated thus clear. Even better is that you can turn the volume up with the bass necessarily dying down, neither will you experience distortion.

Bavsound Breakdown and Review

When it comes to upgrading your car sound system Bavsound gives you the chance to utilize both the stage one speaker and the Ghost under-seat V2 subwoofers for a more comprehensive sound. Out of the box the speakers are characteristic of a high-quality metal finish at the top, the new V2 ghost subwoofers offer up to 11% higher output complete with an enhanced bass response and improved sound outputs when playing at lower volumes.

New Bavsound speaker users might be wondering how stage one improves sound quality when compared to their car’s factory speakers. Well, Bavsound speakers are created with varied characteristics that determine how well they reproduce recorded music. The objective is to achieve accurate music production and this has been delivered through the magnet design, materials, suspension, voice coil design, and the materials used in the construction of the cone among other surrounding materials.

The above is because most of the vehicle manufacturers pay less attention to the creation of the mentioned parts as a way of minimizing costs. And that is why, most new cars come with poorly designed speakers, made with substandard materials. What you must also note is that the Bavsound speakers are not just installed on any model, you have to get speakers that have been engineered to suit your car model. For example, if you get speakers that have been made for use with the BMW, the installation process will be a breeze and it will easily integrate with the car model to the very last detail.

Ideally is that the speakers will only sound great in the exact car model that it was engineered for and the audio system configuration. Important to note is that with the Bavsound speakers you don’t necessarily need to replace the factory’s amplifier, as the speakers have been optimized to produce great sounds with the factory amplifier.

The stage one audio upgrade additionally remains invisible when installed in the car and even better is that it can be reversed after installation. And while we might have mentioned about installing the Ghost subwoofers system together with the stage one audio upgrade, this can only be done if you feel that stage one does not suffice in terms of overall volume output.

What we liked

  • Made for specific car models
  • Enhanced volume output
  • The output is distinguished
  • Stage one easily integrates with relevant car models
  • The installation is reversible


  • Comes with a hefty price tag
  • The tweeters are too high

Bavsound Specifications

Bavsound Stage one Upgrade
12 watts @ 6 ohms
32 watts @ 2.6 ohms
24 watts @ 8 ohms

Bavsound Stage One Audio Upgrade Features

Build and Design

Bavsound speakers are designed with the same shape, size, connectors, efficiency, and impedance as the factory speakers. Their design, therefore, enables seamless installation and all that the car owners have to do is unbolt their factory speakers and bolt in the Bavsound speakers. And the good thing is that they seamlessly integrate thus it is hard for anyone to notice the change except for the enhanced sounds. Noteworthy is that the installation is reversible.

Installation is a DIY

When it comes to installation, car owners have the option of either installing it by themselves, finding a qualified installer, or visiting a Bavsound dealer. Upon purchase of the speaker kits car owners will be provided with step-by-step instruction that allows them to install the unit in less than four hours with all the basic installation tools on hand.

Comes with an extended warranty

Given that the products from Bavsounds have been engineered for longevity, the company is confident that their products will offer a longer service. They have solidly stood behind the Bavsound speakers with a 4-year limited warranty.

Offers louder and clearer sounds

The stage one speakers have been configured to produce high-quality sounds. Motorists can, therefore, enjoy a balanced reproduction of the bass and treble sounds. The above has been achieved by the incorporation of the woven fiberglass cone, the butyl rubber sounds, and the silk composite tweeters and which in combination offer proven audio technology.

And because of the above technology, the speakers can be expected to produce accurate and natural sounds even when played in higher volumes.

Are a plug and play unit

Bavsounds speakers might match your supra 100% but they are also 100% custom featuring a design that will fit your audio system in terms of body, style, and even integrate with your amplifier. Individuals who are not into loud music can expect to get great sounds with the stage one upgrade kit, as it has been designed to maximize the clarity and musicality of your car’s audio system without additional accessories.

Features of the Bavsound Ghost Subwoofer Upgrade

If you decide to increase the output of your car’s sound system by also installing the Ghost Subwoofer, here are some of the features that are set to benefit from. The woofers offer clean and clear sounds, given that they are only two, the installation process takes a short 1 hour with your front seats in their position. Most importantly is that you won’t have to dedicate more space for the installation of the speakers.

And just like the Bavsound one stage, the two subwoofers are a 100% plug and play unit, and will, therefore, install and fit just like your factory woofers.  Car owners wouldn’t need to replace their factory amplifiers because it seamlessly integrates with the subwoofers to generate a clear bass response. To achieve the above the woofers have been constructed with unmatched technology such as the oversized neodymium magnets and a lightweight polycone that maximizes the watts of power generated and translates it into raw output.

The subwoofers also double up as midbass drivers meaning that they are capable of playing the lowest frequencies and the punchy bass midbass frequencies like the high bass guitar notes and the snare drums. What’s more, is that the woofer matches the impedance of the initial factory woofers and which helps to maximize performance while ensuring the longevity of your factory amplifier.

And to maximize the output of your factory amplifier the woofers have been designed for upgradability and you can, therefore, power them with an aftermarket amplifier, at least up to 160 watts per channel. Alternatively, if your thirst for sound is not quenched with the Bavsound woofers, you still have the option of matching it with the stage one speaker upgrade kit and be furnished with a bass response that will transform your listening with the best overall sound quality and clarity.

Who is it best suited for?

Bavsound car speakers are best suited for individuals who own a BMW, a MINI, or a TOYOTA and want to upgrade their car’s sound system.

Are there alternatives to the Bavsound?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Bavsound, some that offer improved sound systems with new technologies and others that come with few speakers. Some of the reliable alternatives are such as the Bimmertech car play, the Bang & Olufsen, and the Harman Kardon.

Verdict: So, should I buy the Bavsound?

Yes, you should buy the Bavsound car sound system because they will upgrade your car’s audio making every trip worthwhile no matter how short. Bavsound easily integrates with the relevant car models, can be installed without professional help and the installation is reversible. Once installed Bavsounds can work with your car’s pre-existing amplifier.


Are Bavsound subwoofers efficient when installed in a car?

Yes, the Bavsound speakers produce a cleaner sound, and it even gets better when you pair it with the stage one upgrade speakers as you will end up with a quality audio source.

Do Bavsound speakers sound better when played with the volume turned up or down?

Bavsound speakers sound good when played with the volume turned up where there is no distortion, you will even notice that the highs sound better when compared to your initial speakers.

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