2015 BMW 550i Review

The 2015 BMW 550i is a high-performance vehicle featuring the coveted 8-speed transmission that offers a quieter drive with improved acceleration, coupled with an engine that performs at its optimal level.  

BMW 550i is a great car to drive, however, new car owners have remained indecisive weighing their options of whether to get the 535 or the 550i. The biggest issue with the 550i was the N63 engine that led to bent valves and on other occasion’s engine failure. Luckily BMW lovers no longer have to worry about the problem, because the manufacturer addressed the issue and the engine is now more reliable. If you are, therefore, thinking of purchasing this car, you can relax and enjoy driving the beast. Individuals who still have doubts about the car can get an extended warranty because repairs for the BMWs are pretty expensive.

2015 BMW 550i Breakdown and Review

If you are looking for a powerful and luxurious car then the BMW 550i fits the description, you must however note that the machine offers fewer miles per gallon but with impressive horsepower. Other impressive features of the comfortable sedan are the 480lb-ft torque, higher torque gives a car acceleration and speed. The 480lb-ft torque means that drivers are not limited on how fast they can spin an engine and they even get greater horsepower with lower RPMs.

2015 BMW 550i Breakdown and Review

The car has incorporated the Eco pro feature known to modify the car’s engine throttle response thus sets the climate, and the driver can expect the heated mirror and seats of the car to work in an energy-efficient manner. The incorporated integral active steering uses a variable steering ratio complete with the passively steered rear wheels that result in enhanced stability and comfort. The above means that the rear wheels are capable of turning up to three degrees, a feature that also depends on the vehicle’s speed, steering angle, and wheel speed.

Additionally, the integral active steering feature enables a seamless driving feeling especially on the tight bends or when packing a car, in simple terms is that it makes maneuvering easier. The luxurious sedan also features a double-wishbone front suspension that is characteristic of the vertical upper and lower control arms known to boost the negative camber. And which translates to stability on the road because the tires touch the road better, the wheel alignment and steering also remain consistent.

Drivers also get to utilize the Servotronic steering feature, which is an improved power steering system that minimizes the steering dependending on the vehicle’s speed. The above means that at low speeds the steering is lighter thus enhances maneuverability and improves the agility of the vehicle. The 2015 BMW 5 series is characteristic of a high precision direct injection technology that delivers a fuel delivery technology known to optimize gasoline engines enabling them to burn more fuel efficiently and which consequently improves the engines fuel economy making it more powerful.

The high-performance car has also been fitted with adaptive brake lights that automatically change its display with regard to how hard the driver is braking. So, in case of the hard braking conditions, the car will display brighter light to warn the driver who is approaching from behind, consequently preventing rear-end collision.

Drivers also get to utilize the traction control known to work in the background and which helps with acceleration, while preventing wheel slippage, when maneuvering through slippery surfaces. The feature is known to work best when the driver has to accelerate from a slowed or a stopped position. So, while driving the BMW 550i, drivers can expect the dynamic stability control system to curb the engine’s output and conveniently stop slips on the wheels.

Individuals who have a problem with maintaining a good distance from the preceding vehicle will benefit from the dynamic cruise control feature, known to initiate a vehicle to vehicle distance control mode. The latter automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed but within a set range, to help with maintaining a preset distance especially when the preceding vehicle is traveling at a slower speed.

What we liked

  • The Eco Pro mode encourages fuel economy
  • The car is stable on the road
  • Features advanced technology
  • Offers up to 445 horsepower
  • It is an Auto-Star and stops the car

What we did not like

  • Innovative technology and the added options lead to a high price tag
  • The automatic start/stop feature is intrusive

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2015 BMW 4550I Specifications

2015 BMW 4550I
Sound system
Hi-Fi 12-speaker
Front seat design
20-way multi-contour front seats
Anti-theft alarm
2” High Definition
Drive type
Rear-wheel drive
Fuel tank capacity
18.5 gal
Valve timing

 2015 BMW 550i Features

 Safety features

The 2015 BMW 550i is a luxury car that has incorporated reliable safety features, first off drivers get to utilize the Xenon adaptive headlights that come complete with the automatic high beams which make nighttime driving a breeze. The beast is also characteristic of an active blind-spot detection system and a lane departure warning system. Drivers have also been furnished with a new second-generation night vision system necessary for detecting pedestrians. 


2015 BMW 550i Features

The BMW 550i is not made of the standard seats found in most cars, instead, it features seats that recline, are heated, and most importantly ventilated. And as if that was not enough, the seat are massage capable. The outer cabin is also quiet and comfortable, the seat upholstery are undeniably plush while the switchgear is dependable and made of good quality material.

Design and build

The design of the car is upright with a tail lamp design complete with a long-lasting kidney grill and optional LED headlights. The inside of the car is spacious with pushed-out corners and an especially low horizontal dash. Individuals have also been provided with a console at the center and which is spacious enough to accommodate your electronics.


It is no doubt that the 2015 BMW 550i is a mass of technology and some of the exciting experience that you are bound to encounter are such as the iDrive, that comes with an interface which has incorporated a navigation and a touchpad that allows users to trace out letters giving details of where you want to go and it even provides your phone book entries. What’s more, is that the drive technology allows drivers to initiate text message replies via the dictation function. 

Future proof

The 550i has incorporated modern features that make it luxurious, for example, you will get a rear-seat entertainment system, LED front fog driving lights. The car is also equipped with an enhanced Bluetooth and USB smartphone integration system and a durable leather-wrapped steering wheel for enhanced aesthetics. 

Road performance

The BMW 5 series features a driving dynamics control feature that allows drivers to dial in a particular mode, to achieve the desired driving style in relation to the condition of the road at a particular time. 

Who is it best suited for?

The 2015 BMW 550i is best suited for individuals who are interested in comfort, technology, and power. The car is both luxurious and powerful, it is quite thirsty but comes equipped with features that enhance fuel efficiency. Important to note is that this is not a sporty car rather a classy piece with technology that helps improve performance.

Are there alternatives to the 2015 BMW 550I?

 Yes, there are alternatives, most of the alternative cars offer high performance, their body design hasn’t deviated far from the 2015 BMW 550i except for the 2015 Audi A6, which is a FrontTrak sedan. The other two alternatives are the Infiniti Q70 and the 2015 Jaguar XF.

Infiniti Q70
2015 Jaguar XF
2015 Audi A6
Premium unleaded V6
Intercooled Turbo Premium unleaded
Intercooled Turbo Premium unleaded
Style Name
4-Door Sedan I4 T Premium RWD
4-Door Sedan FrontTrak 2.0T Premium
Passenger capacity
Automatic w/OD
Automatic w/OD
EPA class
Mid-size car
Mid-size car
Mid-size cars
Gas mileage
16 MPG City / 33 MPG Hwy
15 MPG City / 30 MPG Hwy
17 MPG City / 38 MPG Hwy
Body design
Front Trak sedan

Verdict: So should you buy the 2015 BMW 550i?

Yes, you should buy the 2015 BMW 550i because it features unmatched technological advancements such as the advanced real-time traffic monitoring feature, an intelligent rain-sensing windshield, an anti-theft alarm, and an audio system that gives you peace of mind as you sleep at night. Other impressive features that you stand to benefit from are the parking assist and the 20-way multi-contour front seat that comes complete with lumbar support. 


How many miles should I expect from my 2015 BMW 550i?

The sedan is capable of achieving up to 300,000miles but under good maintenance.

Why are the BMW 5 series retailing cheaply?

The major reason as to why these cars retail cheaply is because their used market is oversaturated and their demand is not as high as their supply thus the price drop.

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